A Blog Makeover!!

Well Look At Me!!

Take a look around...see anything different??? I got a BLOG MAKEOVER!!! Thanks to the SUPER talented Crayonbox Learning she made my blog sooo cute and colorful!! If you ever looking to get your blog done I highly recommend her!!

Now that we are almost in May( how the heck did that happen) it will be my goal to blog here as much as I can.

We are so busy in class these days. Trying to get everything in that I want to teach with so little time.
We have 6 weeks left. How about you??

Hang in there! We are almost at the finish line :)


  1. Love the bright colors. Makes me think of a summer circus! Lots of fun and activity.

  2. You new look to your blog is great! I just wanted to pop over, introduce myself (new blogger), and say it's great to meet someone new! Love the chevron (I can never get enough of it!).