End of the Year Giveaway!!

I am linking up with Diary Of A Nerdy Teacher and a few other friends for a GREAT end of the year giveaway! There are so many great items you could win!  Goood Luck!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway  

MIA til June 10th

So sorry I have MIA but this year's End of the Year is kicking me in the behind!!  I need someone to stick a Starbucks IV into my arm!! We have so much to do in the next 2 weeks!! Hope all you are getting through this time of year better than me..lol. You would think after all these years I would know better but, I ALWAYS get these big plans I want to do! Crazy I tell ya :)

Pinning, pinning and more pinning!!

So lately I have been trying to figure out in all my spare time( hahaha) where sales come from. I have heard that the way to go in through Pinterest. OK seems easy I have an account( doesn't everyone these days??) so I just go and pin items from my store right??? Well apparently there is A LOT more to it then I discovered. I am part of a collabrative group of TPT sellers on Facebook and this was the topic of discussion yesterday. I learned so many things I never even thought about! Did you realize there are good/ bad times to pin?? Did you know that LONG pins may get better views??
Best time to Pin
Worst Time to Pin  Did you all know about these??

Then we had a discussion about long pins and how they get more views. I watched this video for a tutorial Long Pins. So today I had the bright idea to redo ALL my products that I have in my store. I have 30 products(what!!) so it took some time but I am really happy with the way they look. What do you think?

I had a light bulb moment that they should all "look" similar so that people may start to say " Hey that looks like a pin from Adventures In Kinder!!"

Then I found out about a website called Tailwind. This gives you an analyst of all your pins, how many followers you gain and so much more that I have not figured out yet. Its free and think you should go sign up!

So, what are your thoughts on Pinning?? Do you pin everyday? During a certain time of the day? Do all your pins look the same? Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

How many more days??

Hi everyone. Well I hope that some of you are enjoying these post and I am not just talking to myself..lol Just like my classroom some days. You too?
So I thought I would share a pic of me so you can put a face with the logo,
These are my pride and joy! Josh( 15) and Zach (12). This picture was taken on Mother's Day. My hubby does an amazing job of spoiling me rotten! We will be married 17 years this June! Next time I will post a pic of him. :)

So how many of you feel like this time of year sneaks up on to you? You would think after all these years of teaching I would be smart and work ahead. For the most part I do but, it still seems like there is a MOUNTAIN of items to do! 19 more days for us..UGH
So to try and keep these little kiddos minds working I decided to create these
My students really seemed to enjoy them and, it kept the focused and on track!

It is good to keep some new ideas and activities just for the end of the year. I will be using them all year next year for sure!

How many more days do you have?? 

Happy Mother's Day!

 I hope all you Mom's had the most wonderful, pampering day! I finally had some time to myself and updated a few of my tabs! Check out my freebie under that tab and here is some info about me:
My name is Carrie and I have been teaching for over 20 years!! I started off teaching 1st grade for 3 years, then third grade for 2 years and the rest of the time has been in Kindergarten.  This is truly where I belong!
I have taught both half day and full day K.
Currently I am teaching advanced Kindergarten. These students are Kindergarten age but came to me reading, writing and knowing basic math skills. I differentiate all my lessons to meet their needs( 1st and 2nd grade levels!)

Aside from teaching I am also a Mom to 2 boys. Josh is 15 and  Zach is 12. They are the loves of my lives and drive me crazy all at once. I have been married to Mike for almost 17 years( geez I am getting OLD).

Thanks for following me on this fun Adventure~~

Teacher Appreciation Sale!!

I am linking up with Flying Into First Grade to get the word out there about the Teacher Pay Teachers sale!
Everything in my store will be 20% off and then add the TPT code for another 10%!!
Get those wish lists ready! I know I will be.
Happy Shopping and enjoy your week Teachers!
You deserve it!!!

May Currently

I am so excited to try out my first link up! Who knows how this first one will go but I have got to try sometime right?? So here it goes

Listening : Its been a crazy week so I am knee deep in getting that laundry done. Its amazing how fast that pile can grow!

Loving: We are getting toasty down here this weekend. Temps should be close to 90! Time to hit the pool for sure :)

Thinking: So much to do. This week is the sale over at TPT and it is my first one. I have no idea what to expect. Hope it leads to something for me. With being so new( only been open a month) sales  have not been steady.  We will see what happens!

Wanting: A massage. Hope my hubby get that message for Mother's Day next weekend.
Needing: A few tutorials on how to do all these things with blogs. I see lots of amazing ones out there.  I really need to find time to "study".

Surprise: Crayonbox Learning I cant thank Danielle enough for all her help in designing my blog and getting me started. If anyone is looking for a blog design I highly recommend her!
Well I hope this all works! Can't wait to learn some more!