May Currently

I am so excited to try out my first link up! Who knows how this first one will go but I have got to try sometime right?? So here it goes

Listening : Its been a crazy week so I am knee deep in getting that laundry done. Its amazing how fast that pile can grow!

Loving: We are getting toasty down here this weekend. Temps should be close to 90! Time to hit the pool for sure :)

Thinking: So much to do. This week is the sale over at TPT and it is my first one. I have no idea what to expect. Hope it leads to something for me. With being so new( only been open a month) sales  have not been steady.  We will see what happens!

Wanting: A massage. Hope my hubby get that message for Mother's Day next weekend.
Needing: A few tutorials on how to do all these things with blogs. I see lots of amazing ones out there.  I really need to find time to "study".

Surprise: Crayonbox Learning I cant thank Danielle enough for all her help in designing my blog and getting me started. If anyone is looking for a blog design I highly recommend her!
Well I hope this all works! Can't wait to learn some more!

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