Pinning, pinning and more pinning!!

So lately I have been trying to figure out in all my spare time( hahaha) where sales come from. I have heard that the way to go in through Pinterest. OK seems easy I have an account( doesn't everyone these days??) so I just go and pin items from my store right??? Well apparently there is A LOT more to it then I discovered. I am part of a collabrative group of TPT sellers on Facebook and this was the topic of discussion yesterday. I learned so many things I never even thought about! Did you realize there are good/ bad times to pin?? Did you know that LONG pins may get better views??
Best time to Pin
Worst Time to Pin  Did you all know about these??

Then we had a discussion about long pins and how they get more views. I watched this video for a tutorial Long Pins. So today I had the bright idea to redo ALL my products that I have in my store. I have 30 products(what!!) so it took some time but I am really happy with the way they look. What do you think?

I had a light bulb moment that they should all "look" similar so that people may start to say " Hey that looks like a pin from Adventures In Kinder!!"

Then I found out about a website called Tailwind. This gives you an analyst of all your pins, how many followers you gain and so much more that I have not figured out yet. Its free and think you should go sign up!

So, what are your thoughts on Pinning?? Do you pin everyday? During a certain time of the day? Do all your pins look the same? Can't wait to hear your thoughts.


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  2. Thanks for this post! I'm still trying to figure out pinterest too! I'm definitely going to check out that tutorial and the website tailspin. What collaborative tpt group are you in on fb? I'd love to join!

    Thanks again!

  3. This is the group
    It is great! Hope to see you there :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm a new TPT seller and have only been selling for two months. So glad I came by your blog! :)

  5. Thanks for the pinning advice. I like the way all of your pins are similar so others will know they're from your store. Very clever idea. You mentioned a collaborative TPT Facebook page. I'm pretty new to Facebook. How does that work?
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    1. This is the group

  6. This topic has been on my mind lately and I just wrote a post on it that I have scheduled to go tomorrow!! Great minds think alike?! I often have the same thoughts and frustrations you do. I join the Forum pinning boards and pin for more than requested, hoping that others will do the same. I can't tell you how many times I get one or two pins for my two hours of pinning. I realize I don't have alot of products out there, and that is more because I am more criticial always thinking will someone really want to buy this, that I have to get over I know!! I appreciate your honesty in this blog and look forward to gearing up again!! I clicked on Tailspin but will have to try again as I couldn't figure out where you sign up without paying.

    I have found it more difficult for upper grades to get as many pins back.. I always see tons of early el pins but not as many upper.. or maybe I am looking in wrong places.. lol!!

    Happy Memorial Day.. I have a month of school left.. so much to do but so much more I want to do!!


    1. AND.. I have read so many forum posts about the debate between long versus short pins... glad to see you used the long ones.. I just created a couple of those. I need to go back and do some more!!

  7. Hi there! I really enjoyed reading your post about pinning! I figured there was a better time to pin, but didn't know when that was. I will have to create some long pins too, to see if that helps! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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