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Hey everyone! I can't believe that June is just about done!! Why is it that the summer always goes by soooo fast?? I am going to make sure that every day in July counts! I have read a few books and, we are taking a quick family vacation next week. I hope this next month slows down just a bit!
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So here we go! These are the 3 things I am thankful for today :)
So what are you looking forward to this next month?? Do you blog too? I would love to read yours! Leave me a comment with your blog address.

Two for Tuesday- Classroom Decor Bundle and Calendar Pieces for the year!

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The first one is my Chalkboard Classroom Decor Bundle
This set had everything you need to decorate your classroom! I just LOVE the chalkboard look . Check out the set here: 
Classroom Decor Bundle

My next item is my Calendar Pattern Set
Calendar Patter Pieces  These cards are perfect for calendar, math centers or small group instruction. There are also holiday and special event cards included with each month.

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Do you Instagram??

So I came across this article a few weeks ago. It was posted in the TPT forums and thought "This would be a great topic to blog about!"

 I don't know about you but lately it seems like Instagram is getting HUGE!! I see soo may teachers are on it and I think it is the BEST way to get you and your business out there!! Now, I did have a personal IG account way before I even started TPT.  I had no idea if  you could even have 2 accounts so I just decided to switch it over to a business one. I find this aspect of social media the easiest one to use! Plus, the best thing is EVERYONE that follows you can see your posts. Lately I have seen that FB likes to pick who sees what. Unless you click get notifications chances are you will not see posts from your favorite people or pages unless you search for them. 

So just like my Pinterest Post there is A LOT more to instagram then meets the eye.Instagram Tips to gain followers.  I was very aware of hastags and how to use those but never knew that filters make a difference too! I have used the more popular ones that they talked about. I have no idea if its getting me more followers but, my list does grow daily. I need to read and study some of the other suggested sites they list like Iconosquare. This one look like to be the best one to give me info on which posts get the most likes, comments etc...

So what are your thoughts?? Are you on Instagram? I would love to follow you( and hopefully you will follow me too!!)Instagram
Can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

Happy Summer..I'm back!!

Hey everyone! I can't believe its been so long since I blogged but, that end of the year...its ROUGH!! The last week of school was the hardest I have worked in a LOOOONG time!! Imagine having Kindergarten Graduation, End of the Year party at an amusement park and field day all in 1 week!!  I think next year I need to be in on that calendar committee ;) So needless to say I am soo happy that summer is finally here! I had my last work day last Thursday!  Even though its summer I have lots of training to do over the next few weeks. We are starting a GT program at my school and since I teach advance Kinders I was asked to get my GT certification!  I have to take 5 online classes..eeek! I have never done those before and hope they are NOT too labor intensive..I mean it is summer after all. Then at the end of July I need to attend a Rigor training for some teachers. Not sure what that is going to entail so we shall see. Plus we are doing a book study this summer, so even though its summer I sure am going to be busy!!
  So even though I will be busy learning and growing I have been creating up a storm!! I just posted my 50th item over the weekend! I have to say I find it so relaxing to create! Does that sound crazy?? Here are a few items I have been working on

I told you I enjoy this :) I am really trying to focus on beginning of school year type items. Are any of you like this too??

The best thing about it being summer time is being my with my boys. We LOVE to see movies and have already seen 2 since Thursday! We also LOVE to  hang out at the pool. Pool time is ME time. They play and I read. I love chick lit books and can't wait to read Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner new books! Plus I have a list of a few others that friends have told me about.
Wow this post has been all over the place!! So what are you most looking forward to this summer?? Can't wait to hear your comments :)