Show Me Your Teacher Bag!

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I have used all kinds of bags over the year but 2 years ago I found this one and I just loved it!

I am a purple girl and this bag has my name all over it! Then I tried to all my items into it and it was TO SMALL :(
I was so super sad...soooooo back to the Vera Bradley website I went to and then I fell in love with this one

I love the eye popping colors and it is super big for everything from school and more! Even my computer and binders can fit in it :)

So what do you use for your school bag?? Join the link up here:
                                            The Teacher By The Beach- School Bag

Monday Made It!

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this is an oldie but a good that I used in my classroom last year. I love the chevron and chalkboard look(shocker I so when I found this decor set last year I knew it was PERFECT for me!!!
Classroom Decor I just loved all the colors and patterns!! What I really loved was this!

I knew I wanted to change the way my classroom birthdays were displayed so I came up with this idea!

It may be hard to see but I took the months and Velcrod chevron ribbon to the back of it. Then I attached a students name and the date on the corresponding month.  I promise to take better pics this year once my room is set up. I also made this for my clip chart
Yea just look past bad my photo editing skills but, at least you can see what I made :)

Do you know about washi tape?? I used it so much in last week's post  Monday Made It
but, I really discovered it last year when I made these

I used these clothespins out in the hallway by my classroom to display my students work. So easy and soo cheap to make!!

This is my last week before heading back to school..waaaahhhhhh I hate to see summer go when there is still so much more I want to create!!

When do you head back to school??

Task Cards..Do you use them?

Last school year I began using Task Cards in my classroom. I was a little leery at first. Would my student like them? Will they stay focused? Will the complete the tasks? The answers to all that was YES YES YES!! I fell in love with these activities.

Task cards are a great way for students to work independently by being promoted with a series of activities to complete or questions to answer.
It gets the kids moving and keeps them engaged.

There are so many ways you can use task cards. They can be laid out on each desk for a game of scoot. Scoot is where students move from desk to desk and answer the card. My class last year LOVED playing scoot! They would ask weekly to play :)

You can also use them for math centers, small group instruction or even assessments!

Since I discovered TPT I found that many others loved task cards as much as I did but, could never find some that met the needs of my students. I teach in a very unique situation. I have a class of Kinders but, academically they are way ahead of Kindergarten. Most of my students come in already reading and knowing their basic math skill. So, I teach them at a 1st grade level.

So all summer long I have been working on creating Math task cards for this upcoming year. Since I don't know exactly where my students will be I differentiate A LOT of my lessons. Here are some of the Task Cards I have made 

                                                                                   Fraction Task Cards

This was the first set I made last year and is my best seller!

                                                                   1 more 1 less 10 more 10 less

This is my next best seller. Perfect for those younger kids just learning number sense.

This set has students creating patters, continuing patterns and identifying patters. Perfect for all kinds of levels of learning!

There are many more taks cards in my store so I took 8 of them and created a bundle

This set has 8 of my task card bundles at a 30% discount! Plus the best thing is when I make new sets of Math task cards(which I already have a list going)
they will be added to this bundle and if you own it you can re-download it and get the new sets for FREE!!

So are you going to use task cards this year in your class? Do you have questions about how to get started with these? Leave me some ideas and comments about your thoughts.

Wordless Wednesday

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when we were on vacation last week I found the most AMAZING item to hang in my classroom!!

My new most favorite thing!! What is your most favorite item you have in your classroom??

Monday Made It!

Today my creative juices are going STRONG!! I am linking up with   

4th Grade Frolics

This morning I saw a blog post from 
Rowdy In Room 300 about her calendar organization and since I am pretty well organized I realized this is ONE thing I had to do!!
Go read her blog post on this and get a cute freebie!! 

 I printed off the freebie and me being the chevron crazy I am, I ran to my local teachers store and picked these up!

My laminator got a good work out today!
So Super CUTE!!
So the other day I posted this freebie on my blog and this was another item on my looong to do list so since I had my laminater out I had to print these out
I was out at the dollar store and they had bins for a dollar! Perfect!! Right?? Though I am not a big fan of plain white soooo while I was wandering around Michael's craft store I found this!

 Rainbow Chevron Contact Paper!! I knew exactly what to do with this
 I put them on the cover of my new bins and added my labels
I only got 6...I know silly of me so tomorrow I will stock up with some more!!
The other day I found these at the Target Dollar Section
And this idea popped into my head

 I had these blank counter chips and didn't know to use them for..and BINGO I now have more letter tiles for my students to use for a million different things!! So easy to make and really only costs a dollar right ;)??!!

Have you hit the dollar store or Target section yet?? If not I HIGHLY recommend you do soon!!

 This was just the beginning of my shopping!! SOOO many great finds there :)

Happy Monday!


Educents and a family getaway

Hey Friends! Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I have! We just got back from a little getaway to NOLA. We had never been there before and while we didn't hit up Bourbon St. we did find a bunch of other fun things to do! Here are a few pics
 our first stop was to get some beignets! They are amazing!!
We took a swamp tour and I think this was the highlight for my boys! This guy was just outside our boat..too crazy close for my taste.
Of course when we heard there was a town called Zachary we HAD to stop and have Zach get a pic in front of his sign..haha
even though we were on vacation I had to stop at Target for 1 thing...WRONG
I found GREAT things in the dollar section!! Have you been to your Target yet?? It is a good thing we drove and had our car :)

Have you heard about Educents?? It is a website that is like Groupon for teachers! They have great deals and even some freebies!! My community helpers unit is being featured this week! The best thing is this set is 50% off!! It is an amazing deal! Check it out
Community Helpers

This set is on sale for another week. Make sure you check it out and all the other great deals they have.

I have 2 more weeks of summer and I hope to spend days reading at the pool seeing some more movies before its back to reality.

Have you had a getaway this summer??