Monday Made It!

Today my creative juices are going STRONG!! I am linking up with   

4th Grade Frolics

This morning I saw a blog post from 
Rowdy In Room 300 about her calendar organization and since I am pretty well organized I realized this is ONE thing I had to do!!
Go read her blog post on this and get a cute freebie!! 

 I printed off the freebie and me being the chevron crazy I am, I ran to my local teachers store and picked these up!

My laminator got a good work out today!
So Super CUTE!!
So the other day I posted this freebie on my blog and this was another item on my looong to do list so since I had my laminater out I had to print these out
I was out at the dollar store and they had bins for a dollar! Perfect!! Right?? Though I am not a big fan of plain white soooo while I was wandering around Michael's craft store I found this!

 Rainbow Chevron Contact Paper!! I knew exactly what to do with this
 I put them on the cover of my new bins and added my labels
I only got 6...I know silly of me so tomorrow I will stock up with some more!!
The other day I found these at the Target Dollar Section
And this idea popped into my head

 I had these blank counter chips and didn't know to use them for..and BINGO I now have more letter tiles for my students to use for a million different things!! So easy to make and really only costs a dollar right ;)??!!

Have you hit the dollar store or Target section yet?? If not I HIGHLY recommend you do soon!!

 This was just the beginning of my shopping!! SOOO many great finds there :)

Happy Monday!



  1. I was at Target and Michaels and the Dollar Tree today...and I missed the counters and abc stickers! I love that idea. And the contact paper? BRILLIANT. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE your blog.

  2. Great post! I've got to find the letter stickers. I know where to find lots of counters.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  3. I need to find this contact paper! haha

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings