Monday Made It!

I am FINALLY ready to link up with   4th Grade Frolics  for
this is an oldie but a good that I used in my classroom last year. I love the chevron and chalkboard look(shocker I so when I found this decor set last year I knew it was PERFECT for me!!!
Classroom Decor I just loved all the colors and patterns!! What I really loved was this!

I knew I wanted to change the way my classroom birthdays were displayed so I came up with this idea!

It may be hard to see but I took the months and Velcrod chevron ribbon to the back of it. Then I attached a students name and the date on the corresponding month.  I promise to take better pics this year once my room is set up. I also made this for my clip chart
Yea just look past bad my photo editing skills but, at least you can see what I made :)

Do you know about washi tape?? I used it so much in last week's post  Monday Made It
but, I really discovered it last year when I made these

I used these clothespins out in the hallway by my classroom to display my students work. So easy and soo cheap to make!!

This is my last week before heading back to school..waaaahhhhhh I hate to see summer go when there is still so much more I want to create!!

When do you head back to school??


  1. I love using washi tape! Adds some pop to the everyday item. Next week is registration, which means I pretty much will be there every day but do not officially head back until the 11th! ~Katie

  2. Holy cow you go back to school so soon! When was your last day of school? Kids first official day is the last week of August.

    I LOVE washi tape! I now have a recent addiction thanks to my new Erin Condren planner ha.

    I LOVE your clothespins, I need a cute way to spice up my job chart clothespins and that should do just the trick! :)


    1. My last day of school was June12th. I have been asked to be mentors to half of the k classes this year( We are going to have 17 full day k classes!!) So because of that I have to attend new teacher training plus I work on curriculum. 6 weeks is not enough :/