Classroom reveal, first day of school and more!

I made it! The first day of K has kicked me down! My calves are killin' me!! Even though this was my 21st year of teaching it never gets easier! You totally forget how young the students are and how you have to model EVERYTHING! From standing in line, to how we eat lunch! 
This year I was lucky enough to get BRAND NEW FURNITURE!! I have been at my school for 8 years and it was always grab what you can and make it work! Not this year :) I am in love with what they picked out. Here are a few pics

These are the tables for the kids. I LOVE how it has the indent for each chair and that its done in purple! It's like they knew what I would love with out asking!

more tables and my teacher area

There are 4 tables, my kidney table and the black thing by my tables is a HUGE rolling cart! I have no idea how I am going to utilize that yet. I am hoping to get a projector and leave it on that with my laptop.
Here is a closeup of the cart

calendar area

white board and first week books.
The walls are still a bit bare but give it a few weeks. It will look different for sure!

So this year I wanted to try a new approach to making classroom rules. I started with these adorable pictures

I then showed each one to the kids and had them come up with a rule we should use for our classroom! They did AMAZING with this!! Seriously, I was blown away with the words they used. Of course, I forgot to take a pic of that so I will post it on facebook tomorrow. These rules are available in my store

                                 Classroom Rules- Posters/Anchor Charts

As much as the first day stresses me out, I am glad there is 364 more days til I have to do it again ;) 
How was your first day of school??

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  1. Everything looks great! Congrats on surviving day 1! I can't imagine teaching all K all day - I'm sending positive vibes your way!