September Currently

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Listening: Love that quiet early morning time with my coffee. Best part of my day :)

Loving: My family! They were a little neglected last week, but they get it. This week I have prepped dinners for the week, caught up on all laundry and shopping too! We spent the day at the pool and movies this weekend. I know week 2 will be MUCH better!

Thinking: My brain never stops!! What to print, get ready, plan. Sometimes I wish I could just switch a lever and make it shut off for just a few moments.

Wanting: While I love to cook during the year, I never have enough time( we all say that I am sure)
The best meals are ones that I just have to heat and serve. My favorite place to find meals like that is Trader Joes! If you have one , you know what I mean. I could spend hours walking up and down seeing what they have to offer. I get out to mine about once a month so I realllly stock up when I am there. We have some yummy meals coming up this week! One other item I have been really wanting for awhile now is my own projector for my classroom. My school only has a few and we can only rent it for the day. It's hard to always count on it being available so, I am starting to research one to purchase. Anyone have one they love and can recommend??

Needing: I bet we all say this, more ink! It seems my list of things to print never gets

Loving: My new set of Kinders! I have 20 students with a part time aide. They are soo well behaved and really enjoy learning. It makes my job so much fun!

Well that is it for now. How is your class this year? How many students do you have?


  1. I have 20 second graders this year though that will probably change. State mandate says I shouldn't have more then 18 so it is almost a definite that we will gain a new unit in a few weeks.

    I always need more ink. And more hands. hehe

    Enjoy your day!

    Christina Marie :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  2. Wow! 20 Kinders?? With an aide? I would love that! I totally agree with you about Trader Joe's! It's one of our favorite places to go to. I always head straight for the samples and I always get hooked on their newest stuff :)

  3. I don't know how but I always need more ink as well - and I don't even print school stuff at home (we have a print shop that does it all - AWESOME!) However I could use help with all my cutting! I should end up with about 20 students k-6 (small group teacher) - I am super excited to see them all tomorrow!

  4. Hi there nice to meet you in the linky party! I think I buy ink every day. ... especially during back to school! My husband just rolls his eyes. ..but I just need some things in color! :) your kinder class sounds great and a busy time for you! We start in another week here in kindergarten. I'm not sure if I'll ever feel ready but it will be exciting! Happy back to school!

  5. Actually I guess I "met you" on instagram not here hehe forgot I follow you on there! Gotta love all the social networks!