Fire Safety Week!

It's hard to believe that September is almost OVER!! This time of year has so many fun things to teach my kiddos! Next week we are focusing on Fire Safety! My kids just love my sentence scramble activities so I created this:

These sentences come in color and b/w if you like to save your ink :)

I also like to start each unit with vocabulary cards so I will be using these

These also come in color or b/w.

Lastly I know I needed some morning work for my students when the arrive so I created these printables. So easy to use! Just print and go :)

This pack has 12 ready to go activities!

They are all available in my store. What do you use to teach fire safety to your students??

Sunday Scoop 9/28

Oh MY! Time has gotten away from me again. This poor blog has been left all alone for 2 weeks. Life has been busy but I am linking up for a FUN Sunday Linky with
The Teaching Trio

We have Monday off for Fair Day! We actually get a day off to visit the State Fair of Texas! I am taking full advantage of a day off to get in some doctor appts. that I have been meaning to do.  Plus, I plan to decorate our house for FALL!! I really enjoy this time of year (even though it is still in the 90's down here). I am hoping that it gets a little cooler soon. Even though my kids are older they still love when I bring out the Halloween decorations :) So, it may not feel like Fall but, I am determined to make it LOOK like fall around here.

This week in school we are going to be working on all kinds of scarecrow activities! It is going to be so much fun but, I really need to find some scarecrow books.

What are you teaching these next few weeks??

Sunday Scoop 9/14

I am linking up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

I am going back home on Thursday for a quick visit with my family. There is soooooo much to do before then! It's hard to prep school and my family here before I go. 
I am keeping it short and sweet this week so I can FINALLY tackle that pile of clothes ;)

Don't forget I have a deal going on til my birthday..Buy 2 get 1 Free! Look at yesterdays post for details.

It's My Birthday!!

This weekend I am trying something new! In honor of my birthday(on Monday) everything in my shop is Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

                          Shop in my store, then email me and tell me what you would like! Make sure you let me know your TPT name too!
Off for some birthday pampering and movie day with my family.

Shopping!! Fun Fall Finds!!

So, over the past few weeks I have been thinking about "What should I blog about" over and over. The week seems to fly by, no ideas come to my head and then I feel like I am neglecting this cute little thing here. 

Today it hit me..I LOVE to shop so why not share with all of you some of the great things I find?!?! So,when I find something amazing (that I get soo excited over that no one gets but other teachers) I am going to share it with all you wonderful readers out there!!

Last week Miss Kindergarten blogged about these SUPER cute frames from Michael's. You can read about them here. I ordered some last week when they were $1.00!! I got pink, white and teal. I really wanted some black ones too, so I ran to the store in hopes of finding some. Well lucky me I did! Come to find out they are only a summer item! I scooped up 5 before they were all gone! I am going to be using them for my centers this week. I hope to blog about that later on this week. 

Great got my super cute frames and had a 20% coupon too! Love when I score a deal like that! Then these caught my eyes                        

                                                plastic fall leaves, owls and pumpkins!

Of course they are to be put on to tables for fall decorations but, in my mind the options I came up with were soooo much more! These are going to be AWESOME math manipulatives!! How perfect are they for patterning?  Or even students can use them for counting, adding, subtracting and many other options. I also thought about having them out in our writing center to have students describe them using adjectives. I can't wait to use them in a few weeks. 

If you love fall as much as I do get to Michael's and see if you can get some for your classroom!
Anyone love to shop as much as I do??

The Sunday Scoop

Week 2 - short weeks seem so much harder than a regular week don't they? Til I can find some way to manage my time I am just going to be blogging some sweet and short posts.

Today I am linking up with
 Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop!
1. So we have a new lesson plan format this year and its taken awhile to get my plans the way the school wants them and what works for me! I have been trying to do as much as I can over the weekend and still have some family time. It sure is hard some days to balance it all!

I also like to cook on Sundays so during the week all I have to do heat and go! Crock pot recipes are my favorites but, when its 96 outside it sure is NOT crock pot weather!

Yesterday I finally had the time to upgrade my phone from a 4S to a 5S. I know the new 6 is being announced this week but, I like to stay a step behind so any kinks that show up get fixed. I do love my iphone and can wait to get it all set up :)

2. Summer is the time when I really dive into reading. Just as the summer was ending I started to read The Goldfinch. Its really good and want to find some time to finish it. I hate when I can only read a few chapters a week :/

Blogging. I am still new to this and some weeks I am not sure what to write about. What do people want to see? My class? How I run things? Still working on figuring that out.

3. A Dunkin' Donuts opened a few weeks ago and I just LOVE their coffee. I can get large refills for  .99 cents! I have turned a few of my team mates on to this deal so every am I am the coffee gal :) Love it!

What are your plans for the week??