Dallas Blogger Meet Up!!

Today I had the lovely chance to get know some amazing ladies! I admit going into a situation where I know NO one is a little nerve racking but my nerves were put to easy right away. :) The wonderful ladies who organized this
did such an amazing job!

When we arrived we got these cute name tags

It was great to have our store logo's on them. It made it easier to put the face with the store :)
On the tables where these A-DOR-ABLE jars

inside was a list of all the bloggers, store names etc...

they knew the way to our hearts by having flair pens and washi tape inside :)
 and of course a cute state of Texas sticker!!

We filled out cards with 3 things about us 1 of them being a lie. They were read while we ate and was fun to get to know everyone.

They also did raffles of amazing prizes
this cute bag was hand made by  Impeccable Joy
 it is sooooo cute! Just love it and I will be using it every day!!

Then I was lucky enough to win a gift donated by the wonderful and sweet
Mrs. D's Corner
I love this!!

This adorable hanger is going to be PERFECT for hanging up my fluency strips :D

So as you can see if was an amazing afternoon! I just wish we had MORE time to chat. Til the next time!!

Sunday Scoop!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am linking up with 
for my Sunday Scoop

Our internet has been down at school since Wednesday!! We do EVERYTHING online so needless to say I have quite a bit to work on today :/

I am So excited to attend my first blogger meet up next weekend! Make sure to follow me on Instagram because I will be posting lots of pictures :)

Have a great week everyone!

Barely Staying Afloat...

So I am a pretty positive person and people can come to me for just about anything but, lately I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I have been at the same school for 8 years. Its a charter school so they do things a bit differently than other schools. For one thing I like it cause I can teach to my kids abilities. I have a K class but my kids are super smart! I have some students who read at a 4th grade level! I mean really understand what is being read and everything! So I am able to teach them the basics they need  but still help them grow. 

So last week we are told that we are changing the way we teach and we are going to start departmentalizing.I am not sure why but someone came up with the idea but for a K class I am not sure how it will work. So I teach ELAR and SS to my kids in the am and another class in the PM(our K is full day). In the am I feel like it works, my kids know exactly what do t, groups get done and its wonderful. Then noon hits and it's a totally different story. This other class is a basic K class and I am having a really hard time going from one extreme to the next. Plus I am a VERY organized person and to try and move ALL my items from one class to the next is HARD! Plus the other class barely knows me and they do NOT have the structure that I do.I have been treating that class likes its the beginning of the year. I am SO mentally exhausted by 3:30. 

Every night this week I have been in bed my 8pm! My poor family has not had a hot cooked meal in quite awhile, I barely have time to do ANYTHING. I know it won't stay like this forever but, its HARD to take away structure and organization and transfer it to a new place.

To anyone out there who reads this thanks for letting me vent. If anyone has any words of wisdom I would really appreciate it.

Counting the weeks til Thanksgiving break ;)

Monday Markdown!

Hey everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the weather where you are! My own kids have a nice long weekend but, my school is still going..whomp whomp. While they get to hang out at the movies and drive each other crazy I am at school. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving where we ALL get a week off :)

I am linking up today with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Monday Markdown. This week I am  using these centers in my classroom

Now that October is moving along my students are really doing great in small group activities! Have you found that true for your classroom too? All this week these will be my small group centers  while I am working with others in reading and math. Here is a sneak peak of what is inside

These are the math centers. Everything from addition to graphing.
For ELAR this is what my kiddos will be doing:

This week we are reviewing skill that have been already taught to see how well they remember.
So if you are looking for some fun, interactive center activities check them out. They are on sale all week at a great price!                      Fall Math and Literacy Centers

Have a great week everyone:)

Fall leaves and a Freebie!

So the weather outside hit 98 here today in Dallas but, this week we are learning all about Autumn and the changes that occur.  This week we are focusing on leaves, I found the CUTEST plastic ones at Michales that have been used in my reading and math centers this week

We have sorted, graphed, created patterns and so much more with them. My students LOVE having these hands on materials to work with. So to carry over our leaf theme today we read
I love the colors and pictures in this book and my love definitely carried over to my students! We have been working on sequencing events of a story so after we read the book we charted the events of the story. I then gave my students these to enter into their interactive notebooks

I used the first one with the pictures for my kids who need a little more assistance and as you can see from the second pic I have kids who are ready to create more on their own. I modeled how we should put it into our notebooks and what I expected them to do. What they did on their own just blew me away!

Sequencing and labeling events

These students decided which way they wanted to present the information.
This student decided to take the event and turn them into tabs!

I was so excited to see them taking ideas and turning it into something new! Today was the day that everything just went so amazing well! This is why I love teaching :)

If you would like to use these in your room I have made them into the freebie for you all!
Click the link below to download them:
                                                                 Leaf Hunt Events

Hope you can find them useful!!

Monday Markdown!

WOW I have blogged 3 days in a row!! Can ya tell I love joining linky parties?? Today I am linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Monday Markdown!

All this week my Fire Safety Resources will be used in my classroom and ON SALE!!
These activities I have created are favorites in my classroom this year. My kiddos love hands on activities and that was the inspiration for these

I know some teachers like to save their ink, so I have made the sentence cards in BOTH color and black/white. These cards will be in my writing center all week long.

Another activity my students love is learning new vocabulary words based on the topic of the week. So I have created these:
                                                                Fire Safety Vocabulary

Again these sets come in both color or b/w. One last item I created for morning work are these vocabulary words were some word work printables


Hope you all have a great week and I HOPE to blog during the week!