Dallas Blogger Meet Up!!

Today I had the lovely chance to get know some amazing ladies! I admit going into a situation where I know NO one is a little nerve racking but my nerves were put to easy right away. :) The wonderful ladies who organized this
did such an amazing job!

When we arrived we got these cute name tags

It was great to have our store logo's on them. It made it easier to put the face with the store :)
On the tables where these A-DOR-ABLE jars

inside was a list of all the bloggers, store names etc...

they knew the way to our hearts by having flair pens and washi tape inside :)
 and of course a cute state of Texas sticker!!

We filled out cards with 3 things about us 1 of them being a lie. They were read while we ate and was fun to get to know everyone.

They also did raffles of amazing prizes
this cute bag was hand made by  Impeccable Joy
 it is sooooo cute! Just love it and I will be using it every day!!

Then I was lucky enough to win a gift donated by the wonderful and sweet
Mrs. D's Corner
I love this!!

This adorable hanger is going to be PERFECT for hanging up my fluency strips :D

So as you can see if was an amazing afternoon! I just wish we had MORE time to chat. Til the next time!!


  1. Yes, so wish we had more time to chat! The Meet-Up was a lot of fun and the girls did an amazing job planning it!

    First Grade Shashay

  2. I looooved meeting you! You are so fun!! We need to all meet for lunch SOON! :)


  3. This is so fun! Literary Sherri and I have hosted a similar meet up in Rochester, NY. There's nothing more invigorating and inspiring than meeting with fellow TpT-obsessed-teacher-authors. During the entire first meeting we were like, "so this is what you look and sound like!" Now, we have a core group of TpT-authors that meets ever couple of months. We've learned so much from each other. Is there any chance your group and ours can meet in the middle? :)