Fall leaves and a Freebie!

So the weather outside hit 98 here today in Dallas but, this week we are learning all about Autumn and the changes that occur.  This week we are focusing on leaves, I found the CUTEST plastic ones at Michales that have been used in my reading and math centers this week

We have sorted, graphed, created patterns and so much more with them. My students LOVE having these hands on materials to work with. So to carry over our leaf theme today we read
I love the colors and pictures in this book and my love definitely carried over to my students! We have been working on sequencing events of a story so after we read the book we charted the events of the story. I then gave my students these to enter into their interactive notebooks

I used the first one with the pictures for my kids who need a little more assistance and as you can see from the second pic I have kids who are ready to create more on their own. I modeled how we should put it into our notebooks and what I expected them to do. What they did on their own just blew me away!

Sequencing and labeling events

These students decided which way they wanted to present the information.
This student decided to take the event and turn them into tabs!

I was so excited to see them taking ideas and turning it into something new! Today was the day that everything just went so amazing well! This is why I love teaching :)

If you would like to use these in your room I have made them into the freebie for you all!
Click the link below to download them:
                                                                 Leaf Hunt Events

Hope you can find them useful!!

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