Monday Markdown!

Hey everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the weather where you are! My own kids have a nice long weekend but, my school is still going..whomp whomp. While they get to hang out at the movies and drive each other crazy I am at school. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving where we ALL get a week off :)

I am linking up today with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Monday Markdown. This week I am  using these centers in my classroom

Now that October is moving along my students are really doing great in small group activities! Have you found that true for your classroom too? All this week these will be my small group centers  while I am working with others in reading and math. Here is a sneak peak of what is inside

These are the math centers. Everything from addition to graphing.
For ELAR this is what my kiddos will be doing:

This week we are reviewing skill that have been already taught to see how well they remember.
So if you are looking for some fun, interactive center activities check them out. They are on sale all week at a great price!                      Fall Math and Literacy Centers

Have a great week everyone:)

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