November Happenings

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged about what is going on in my classroom! I don't know about you but, this year has been C R A Z Y!!
 I finally felt like I was getting into a good routine and BAM change!
Well now I am finally starting to get my groove back so here I want to share what we have been working on :)

I love this time of year. Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine. So much to teach and talk about. We started learning all about Thanksgiving this past week. I always start it off by teaching my students about how life was long ago and compare it to now.  We use picture cards and do a sorting activity

I love seeing the students reactions when they see items people used long ago. Yes kids there was a time when there was no electricity and kids read by candle light. Their faces are priceless. After we sorted the pics I had my students different types of response sheets for them to share what they learned

 Some students were given pictures to sort in the IN notebooks.

Other students had a t chart sort with pics. I like to have different options for different types of learners.

The next day I had the students come up with facts that would tell about then or now.

Some students writing is really taking off so for them I had this assignment

I love this time of year when I really see some growth in reading and writing! If you would like to use these in your classroom just click the link. The pictures for these are available in my TPT shop
                                                                            Now and Then

Here are some pics of what I going to be teaching right after Thanksgiving.....

How do you teach about Thanksgiving to your students??

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  1. We learn about the Mayflower and what the first Thanksgiving was like. We also do a then and now sort. We are doing gingerbread activities the first of December as well. Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders