Gingerbread Week!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year :) I just LOVE all the fun that December brings. My most FAVORITE unit of the year to teach is my Gingerbread one! Today I am linking up with

For their Thematic Thursday which is all about Gingerbread FUN!! Take a look at what books I include, some fun activities and links to some cute crafts!

                                               Book Ideas:
There are SOO many different versions of this story! The 3 I have shown above a just a few. I spend a whole week on this unit so I use 5 different stories. We read a different one each day and then charts them all so students can see how the books are similar and different. I also have my students pick their 2 favorites and create a graphic organizer.

This year I created a whole literacy unit to go along with these books

In this unit I have created pictures for students to retell the story

Graphic Organizers to use with any of the books

Plus 4 literacy centers all with the Gingerbread Theme

These will be used next week in my classroom so I don't have many pics just yet but, check back next week to see these centers in action!
                                                  Craft Idea:

There are SOOO many ideas out there. Just Google it and you will be blown away! One activity I like to do with my kids is Fingerprint Gingerbread

                                                                   Craft Link

They turn out cute and are not too messy ;) I also order some gingerbread ornaments from Oriental Trading for my students to make for parent gifts
I also have a freebie posted in my TPT shop for a Gingerbread Write The Room

I hope you enjoy it! Do you have a favorite theme you teach??

Now go read some of the others bloggers posts about how the have fun with this fun December filled theme! 

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  1. What a great product! I am so glad you kinders have had a fun time. Perfect timing, right?? Be sure to come by and enter my giveaway. You might like some of the Jan Brett activities.