January Currently!

Tomorrow is 2015! This year has been crazy filled with many ups and downs. I am hoping that next year there are many more ups for our family than down.

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Listening- My sister told me about this show a few weeks ago and I have been HOOKED! I am on season 5 so I know the end is near. Thank goodness Netflix is starting to stream Friends starting tomorrow!! I know what my next binge show will be :D

Loving- we have been SuPeR lazy these past few days thanks to a flu/virus that is going all through our house.  My couch and I have become quite connected!

Thinking- due to my new friend( aka the couch) I have not done half the things I wanted to do..sigh I guess there is always summer right ?!?!

Wanting-  this lovely virus that came to visit to leave. Only good thing is that no one had to miss any school/ work.

Needing- Just a few more days to get some things done..really! Don't we all feel that way??!!

Wishing- That 2015 is a good year for us all. We hope to do some traveling this summer. Plus my son's Bar Mitzvah is in March and I hope that all family members will be able to attend!!

Thanks for stopping by wishing you all a Happy 2015!


  1. Hi Carrie! What a cheerful, darling blog you have! Sorry to hear about your health woes...we can relate over at my house too. I KNOW 2015 will have good things in store for us! :)

  2. I love your blog, I get happy being there. Sorry about the flu and virus woes. I know what you mean. 2015 will be a great year for bloggers like us and I am going to be like you and binge on Friends on Netflix.

    Jasmine H.
    The Dots of Teaching

  3. These lazy vacation days are the best! I hope your family gets to feeling better SOON! Sick is not a way to ring in the new year. Happy New Year!
    Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

  4. I also had a cold and spent lots of time on the couch -sleeping and waking hours. I had a little nest built for myself so I could sleep mostly sitting up. However you are completely right about the couch not being helpful in getting anything done!
    I hope 2015 treats you well!

  5. Sorry you have been under the weather, that is no fun especially during your vacation. I love Friday Night Lights too, great show! I could always use a few more days, there never seems to be enough time. Wishing you the best for the New Year!

    Luv My Kinders