Winter Break Adventures

Well these past few weeks have been CrAzY!! Winter break began and BOOM we were on the road to Chicago. My dad is sick and I wanted to get some extra time with him and my family....
This is a pic of my wonderful Dad. He is SUCH a trooper fighting cancer and kicking it's a**! He has had 10 chemo treatments and next Wed(1/7) he goes for his 6 month scan to hopefully see that this is all working. If you could send him some healthy vibes we could use them!
We drive up all the time so hubby wanted to go a different route this time and went up through AK and we did a quick stop in Memphis for a history lesson
This is where MLK was assassinated. My older son is a history buff and could have spend hours here. We promised to get back and spend more time this summer.
 When in Memphis you MUST see we drove by ;)
This one was for my hubby the big music buff! He could spend hours here. So we decided that this summer we want to go back for a long weekend and take in all the sights.

We FINALLY made it after 16 hrs in the car and a NASTY flu like virus hit my son on Tuesday. So that was the end of our fun :( We did the best we could hanging at home with my sisters and parents but, so hard to keep the sick one away from my dad and all those nasty germs.
 This is my MOST favorite holiday tradition..watching A Christmas Story. My dad loves it too and was snoring next to me while we watched it :)
My middle sis and I ( please ignore how ugly I look) making some breakfast items while we were home. So by Friday, my little guy was still icky and now hubby was getting it too! That was too much for us so we decided to cut our visit short. The week WAS NOT what we wanted :( 

So on our way back down we had the luck to drive through this

Snow in OK is NOT FUN! Plus with hubby being sick guess who had to drive through this..yep ME 
:(  We got through the bad stuff and I think Mike had enough of my driving and took back the wheel for the rest of the ride home.
Sooo now I had time to get some creating done! I have a list a mile long( don't we all?)

Here are my latest creations
New Year's Glyph and Writing Activity
Valentine Write the Room...coming soon!

Groundhog Day Printables

MLK Printables

It has been great to be creating again and I HOPE to blog a little more regularly in 2015. Today since its SUPER cold here for Dallas I have made it a PJ day!! This gives me the perfect time to get started on these projects
How has your break been?? Have you started any back to school projects yet?? Happy New Year to all my readers and hope that this coming year brings us ALL lots of smiles and laughter!!

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  1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for linking up! Looks like you had a crazy winter break! I bet you are glad to be home after all of those unexpected surprises! Please add my link button and a hyperlink to my site to your blog post when you get a chance. Thanks so much!