Did you know?

So recently, I was chatting with a friend of mine who shops on TPT. She made the comment about wishing sometimes items would get updated. I asked her if she ever check if they get updated and she had NO CLUE what I was talking about! 

Did you know that I have updated TONS of my products lately? Would you know how to get the latest version? Here is what you need to do.

First, you need to click on MY TPT and then scroll down to My Purchases and click there.

Next it will take to the page where you can see everything you have purchased.

Click on where it says Recently Purchased and go down to Recently Revised

Once you click on that every product that has been updated with have this message at the bottom of the listing

Click download now, then you have the most recent update of that product! Pretty simple and easy. TPT does not send you an email when products get updated so, if you don't check then you won't know about it!

One other tip that I LOOOVE about TPT is earning TPT credits. Every time you leave feedback on a purchase you have made you earn credits! Do you know how many credits you have? Here is how to find out
 Under My TPT, click TPT Credit Balance-

It will take you to this page that shows you how many credits you have. You can use these credits on future purchases! This page explains also how you can redeem then when you are shopping.

I hope these tips helped you out. I also hope you find some newly updated products too! 

New Year Goals

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! This year has been a VERY tough one for me so I am not sad to see it go.  I plan on making 2016 AH MA ZING for me and my family! My bloggy buddy Stephanie from Mrs D's Corner had a fun idea to share goals we have for ourselves.  Here are mine:

A Good Deed: I love to start each morning with a happiness picture or quote on Instagram. I feel like if we can start each day with a smile, it can lead to a happier day for all of us. If you don't follow me on Instagram Click Here and find me @adventuresinkinder.

New Skill: I use my iPhone for everything! We used to have a camera but I feel like it is not great at all. I would love to learn some tricks and tips for getting great pictures of products and other things for me to post. I am sure there are tutorials out there..just need to find some!

A Book To Read: I just want time. Day to day gets so crazy. I would like to end each day just reading for 15 minutes.

A Bad Habit: UGH this will be tough! I always want something salty and crunchy as I sit on my computer or watch tv. I hope to drink MORE water instead of snacking...flavored water so it's not soo bad ;)

Get Better At: With SO much content out there I want to find a way to make ME stand out just a little bit more. If anyone has any tips PLEASE let me know!!

A Person I hope to be more like: There are SOOO many inspiring teacher/blogger/teacherpreneurs out there I just can't pick one. I am part of some pretty amazing groups on facebook and they ALL inspire me in different ways. I am so lucky to have them come into my life!!

Do you have goals for next year? Just grab this image and link up over at
Mrs. D's Corner  

What's New, Plus a SALE!

Hi, Friends! I hope you are all enjoying your winter break! I know I have been~ sleeping late, eating lots of yummy food, binge watching Netflix and MORE! I saw this on FB from the Inspired Apple and it just made me laugh at how true it is

It has felt so great to recharge, BUT my teacher mind never shuts off! While I have not started prepping just yet, I did update a few things from my store and added some new resources.

First thing I updated is my New Year's Activity Pack for 2016

I used this listening activity our first day back last year to help get the kiddos back into the learning mode.

My students had to color the page according to the prompts that are given. They do not write their name of the coloring or writing page. We then display them and they have to figure out which page would go with which student. It was FUN!

We also take about goals and what that word means. I have 2 options for my students this year to write about their goals
Some of them will get this one-page sheet where they can write about 4 goals they come up.

Other students will work on this flip book to tell me about their goals. I got those books ready right before break, so I am happy about that!

Another item I am really excited to use once we get back in my new Reading Flip Books

This pack had 8 different books that can be used with ANY text.

We are going to use this version with some of the New Year's stories we will be reading.

This version is going to be one of our literacy centers:

We have used these flip books A LOT this year so I know they will be a hit!

I have also started to get ready for February with some Dental Health Activities
(it will be here before you know it!)

Click on the covers to see them in my store
One last thing! To help those teachers who are already starting to prep for your post-winter break plans my WHOLE store is 20% off until New Year's Eve!!
Even my HUGE bundles which are already discounted are almost 40% off!
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your break! I plan to go watch some Ellen and drink some hot cocoa.

Spot The Difference

I wanted to share with you something new I added to my literacy centers last week. We have been working on noticing details when looking at pictures in reading groups and this idea came to me. I know it is not anything new but, it really helped my students this week be more aware of what they are looking at.

To meet the different needs for my students I had some just identify and color the differences. Here are some examples

In this winter pack, I did some holiday scenes and other are all about winter.

For my higher students, I had them find the differences but, then extend the activity by having them write about what has changed

One of the perks of this center is that there was NO PREP! Just print and go. While I am a big fan of hands on centers sometimes, it is a nice change up to work on something different. If you would like to try a sample of this pack you can click here for a freebie!

Click on the cover to check out this pack in my TPT shop

Look for more versions coming soon!

Holiday Stories and more- What I am Teaching This Week.

T'was the week before break and all through the school the students were antsy and the teachers are too!

ONE WEEK TO GO! I'm sure you classroom is just bursting with energy these days just like mine is...right?!?!

So, this week since we only have 4 days I am taking some fun Christmas stories and using them to help build those comprehension skills!
During the Cyber Sale, I found this amazing pack! It has great ideas to go along with many holiday stories. I am going to be using the 4 shown above. What I really like is there are ideas for books that I can use in January when we return too! Click the picture to check it out on TPT.

The activities range from sequencing, identifying story elements, character analysis, cause and effect and more. There are even math activities to go along with each story too! I can't wait to use them this week.

We have been working on sequencing A LOT lately! I have been using these pictures worksheets and letting my students put them in order and then write about them. This week we are working on how to bake cookies!

As you can see I have the differentiated by the number of pictures to put in order. Want to try them out in your classroom? Click here to grab them. 

I  also made this pack of printables that works on sequencing all kinds of activities using pictures! They were just posted this week. Click the cover to check them out

Our literacy centers are all about this topic too!

We are using these cards as a write them room activity and for my higher students, they will be putting these words in ABC order.

I had to have some sentence scrambles for them to work on this week too! These are from my Holiday Sentence Scramble pack.

Another purchase I made during the sale was this pack of literacy centers

I love how I can differentiate these for my students! Some students will be working on skills like
CVC words
Real/ Nonsense words
Complete or incomplete sentences
Noun/ Verb sort 
and TONS more! 

All with a cute December theme. 

Hopefully, with all these fun and engaging activities I won't have to scrape too many kids off the ceiling...hahaha

Before I go I wanted to let you know that today I am joining some TPT sellers for A Day of Giving Back

I will be donating half of my sales today to the Pan Can Network. You can read more about why I picked this organization by clicking here.

I would love to hear what you do in your classroom this last week of school too!

Have a wonderful week friends.

A Day of Giving Back

On Sunday, December 13th I will joining some other TPT sellers in donating some of  my sales to charity.

 My Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in July 2014. He fought for 15 months and sadly lost his battle a few weeks ago. I plan to donate half of Sunday's sales to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. 
This was taken last May when we did a Pan Can Walk. My Dad walked the whole 3 miles! Such an amazing day!

Take a look for this special logo  to find  other sellers that will be giving back too!

Happy Holidays.