First week back and Literacy Centers

Whew! First week back is almost done! I was super HAPPY to see my kiddos even though I was sad to see break end. I mean who wasn't right?? 

I think I was most excited to try out all my new centers and ideas I created over break! The first thing we did on Monday was review ALL rules and routines. I treated it like it was the first day of school all over again. I even created a fun sorting game for my students

I must have needed A LOT of coffee on Monday cause I took NO pics of this activity....DUH
The kids sorted the cards and then I had a variety of printables and Interactive Notebook activities that we did during centers

This also would be PERFECT for the beginning of the year too! Check it out here
Making Good Choices

As the week went on I introduced more of the Winter Centers for ELA. My students MOST favorite one is called Sentence Scrambles. Writing sentences in K is a big deal. We spend a TON of time on it too! What should they look like, what do they need, and so much more. Soooo I wanted to come up with a hands on way that students can practice this big skill

We start out with a huge pile of cards. I have explained to the kids that they need to find all the cards with the same pictures on them and then build that sentence

Then once the 6 cards are picked they need to read the words and decide what the sentence should say


The when they are finished with one then they work on another
To extend the activity I also have the writing sheets to go along with this center

This way I can see how the students did and how their handwriting is progressing. All of these sentences are more can be found can be found here:Winter Sentence Scrambles

How has your week been?? Did you have any cold or snow days??

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