Organizing Centers

Hey everyone! If your past 2 weeks have been anything like mine they have just been a whirlwind! Never enough time to get what I want done. Plus all our mid year assessments began so that takes up even more time!

So people have commented on how organized I keep my centers so I am going to share my tricks with you today.

My goal every week is to have 5 centers for my students to finish during ELA time. The skills vary depending on our reading series and what skills we will focus on during the week. I also LOVE to have thematic centers :) They are so much fun to incorporate! Plus isn't that what school should be more about?! Having fun and learn all the same time. So over the years I have made and gathers many many many different types of centers. Last year I had the AMAZING idea to organize all of them. This idea sounded great in my head and eventually turned out great!

This is how I went about this task over the summer

I started by putting all my centers in these manila envelopes. I label them with what the name of the activity is or skill that it covers

Then from there I had the great idea to group my centers by months!

I bought some plastic containers from Target and used these calendar labels from a set I had. That way I pull down 1 container a month and ALL the centers I will be using are in them! Makes it soo much easier to find things!

No of course some bins are stuffed to the brim so I also made a bin for ELA  and Math skills.
Then each Friday I go through my bins and pick out the centers we will be working on the following week. I store my weekly centers in these bins from the dollar store

Easy for my students to find what they need to work on and they stay organized!

So that is a little peek inside how I keep all my centers organized.

How do you store your centers? Any tricks you can share?

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  1. I have pretty much the same system. Great minds think alike. But my monthly tubs are bigger. I also have 2 eight drawer karts, one for ELA andone for Math. I use these for the centers we are using for the week. I put the activity in the drawers that are numbered. Then the kiddos just grab the drawer they are supposed to work on for that round. It works out great.Have a great weekend!

    Luv My Kinders