What I am Teaching This Week~

Happy Sunday everyone! It is a cold, cloudy dreary day here in Dallas, YUCK! 

So I have seen a few other bloggers that post what they are teaching in their classrooms this coming week and thought.." Hey I can give that a try!" 

Now I know their plans are much more interactive..I am still learning a few blogging tricks so I will do my best here. If anyone out there has any tips on how to hyperlink pictures let me know :)

Ok ~so onto my plans. This year my school decided to go departmentalized. Yes even down to our K students! At first it was REALLLY hard..not gonna lie! I HATED it but, after a few months I finally have a rhythm down and I have to say it is NOT as bad as I thought. I just teach ELA and SS to 2 kinder classes. It is nice to only plan for 2 subjects PLUS I do A LOT of cross curricular so it even easier ( for me).

So this week in ELA I am starting my first chapter books with my kiddos. Now you may or may not know that my K class is NOT your average class. I teach the advanced K class which is much more like a 1st grade class. My kids are VERY good readers so I picked out a Magic Tree House book to get us going.

My past classes have LOVED this series of books and I am hoping to pass on that love to this years class. I found a great comprehension pack to go along with this book.

and then I created one of my own for differentiation

 We will be reading a chapter a day then completing one page of questions. This books will probably go on for about 2 weeks. I plan on doing some chapters whole group read alouds and some chapters will be done in small groups. 

                                                 READING CENTERS

This week I am still continuing the same reading centers as I had going last week. Time is NEVER my friend and I feel like we never have enough time to do all I want to get done! This is the pack that I have been using

                                    You can check them out {HERE}

For Social Studies this week I am focusing on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There is so much that you can incorporate that I have to really pick and choose what I want to do. I always start off by reading this book to my class

I really like the way this book talks about MLK and the pictures are amazing. One of the TPT sellers/ bloggers I love 
Primary Graffiti
made an AMAZING book companion to enhance my lessons
                                                  Martin's Big Words {Book Companion}.

If you have not checked out any of her products you really should. She has great blog posts about them and I just LOVE all the vocabulary and interactive notebook pages she includes.  

I also created a printables back that my students will be using to assist with our discovery of MLK
                                       You can find them {HERE}

I will be using many of these sheets with my students and have differentiated them too!

So that is a peek at my week. What are you teaching this week?

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