What I am teaching this week.

Well it's Sunday and in a teachers its' aka the day we have to do lesson plans and get all our materials ready for the week! Right?!?! Our school district makes up upload our lesson plans digitally and online. So there is no "writing" plans. It sure does make it easier now that I understand the techy side to it. 

In reading we are STILL trying to finish the chapter book we started 2 weeks ago. Mid year assessments began and while I understand the value of them and how we all need data, it sure does mess up my plans. We have 2 chapters to go and I am determined to finish the book this week :)
My students sure do love the Magic Tree House series and I hope to incorporate 1 fun book a month with my kiddos.

Our reading centers are a combination of things this week as well. Still have some kids who have started an activity or still have not made it to that station. If you want a peek at the centers we are working on click {Here

Social Studies:
This week we have started our community helpers unit. I recently asked for some recommendations for read alouds and found some new ones! We will start off the week reading
Miss Bindergarten Takes A Field Trip 

We will then create an anchor chart with all the helpers we could see in our community. I am also going to be using this activity pack 

There are webs for the students to complete and a fun matching game. For my higher students I am going to be using this unit from my friend at 
                                             Mrs. Ds Corner
She makes amazing things! 

My kids will be using ipads and doing some research on the helper they pick out.

We are also lucky enough to have a subscription to Scholastic's Weekly Readers. Do you use them?

We love them! I was also trying to come up with a way to tie in some reading and comprehension questions so I made these response sheets.
                                                     Polar Bear Weekly Reader
                 Click on the link to snag both of these worksheet.
           I also have this one for another issue about winter. 
If you do use them I would love to hear what you think about them.

Hard to believe that next week is February! We will be learning all about Groundhogs! Make sure to check out next week's post to see what we do.

Happy Teaching,

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