What I am teaching..Week of February 23rd

So all Winter long I have been hearing about how most of the country has been getting slammed with snow. While I would NOT want to be stuck in a snow storm I was a tad jealous of being forced to stay home and hibernate for a day or too. 

WELL..tonight we are supposed to get an ICE STORM! Coming from the north I know an ice storm is no big deal BUT, now living in the south it is a FLAT OUT emergency down here. I don't mind driving in it....it is the OTHER drivers that scare me! So of course I ran to the store and stocked us up on comfy cold weather foods and my kids are so hoping for that 1 snow day! I kinda am too ;)

So IF I do have school tomorrow here is what I have planned. 

Earlier this school year my school decided to go departmentalized. Yes, even all the way down to K. Earlier in the year I was struggling BIG TIME with this change. These days..I am much better with it once I got my groove back. So I just teach ELA and SS to my K class and one other. That is why none of my plans focus on Math and Science. I do miss teaching those subject and always find things I want to do.  Lesson plans are MUCH easier just focusing on 2 subject areas. 

Most of my reading plans are laid out for my by our reading series. We use Texas Treasures and it is filled with ideas, centers and even ways to teach ELL and differentiate.  So when I talk about what I am teaching for reading I tend to just focus on what spelling and reading centers we will be working on.

We are starting our Read Across America unit this week. I am glad I planned for 2 week cause there is SO much I love to do! For reading centers this week I am prepping this pack for my students

I am so excited to have my students get into these. I love using that silly cat as the theme behind these. We are also continuing to work on building sentences with this pack. 

Other students who need more grammar practice will be using these centers I just created.

                             (This set will be posted during the week)

For Social Studies this week we are continuing to work on President's Day Activities. You can read about what we are doing {HERE}.

It's going to be a fun week! What are you teaching this week?

Five for Friday!

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Last Saturday was Valentine's Day. I told hubby that right now we don't need cards or gifts. You can see above how well he listens..lol. He played it off as it was from him and my sons <3. That is why I love him so.

Monday we did NOT have off...booooo right? The best thing was we had most the day to work in our rooms! I got SOOO much work done and have plans posted for up until spring break! WAHOO!!

The inspiration hit me that I needed some more activities for the fun week when we study a certain Dr.! I decided that we should do our first author study on him! I created this great author study and it can be found in my store. I am so excited to use it!

We have not had snow here in Dallas but, it does get pretty chilly out there. So this week we did a TON of Go Noodle. Do you use it in your classroom? This one here is our FAVORITE!! We love Koo Koo Kanga Roo!

This was the BEST part of our week! We have just begun a pen pal adventure with another K class in Kentucky. Our first letters arrived this week! I wish I took pics of my kids faces! They were SOOO excited. We even began writing back right away. They had so much to tell them. :)

Well that is all for this week! Can't wait to go read others!

Happy Friday!!

What I am teaching- Week of Feb 17th

Happy Sunday friends! I know many of you have a day off from school tomorrow or maybe even the whole week but, I don't (cue sad music). Tomorrow teachers have a PD day and then it's back to the grind for a few more weeks til Spring Break. I may or may not be counting down the days til then. ;)

So, this week I had all my plans laid out and ready to go when BAM our Black History Committee at school decided that THIS Thursday will be the night parents can come to school and see our projects..wait WHAT?? So, of course I had to go back and see how can I still do what I planned as well as incorporate our BH projects to our plans. 

Since I will only have 2-3 days to get my kids projects ready I am not going all out like I usually would. For my higher level kiddos I can going to let them use their ipads to gather information on famous sports figures. I bought this pack a few years ago on TPT and have the sheets I need all ready to go
This pack has great differentiated graphic organizers for students to use. So my higher leveled kids will get a one type of organizer. My on level students will copy important facts from anchor charts. I plan on incorporating some non fiction books to my reading plans.

Since this week is President's Day I had planned all these great activities focusing on Lincoln, Washington and Obama. We will see how the week goes!
I created a few packs to help my students sort information, practice fact or opinion and even work on creating timelines. Click the covers to see the items in my shop:

A few weeks ago I found these books at Dollar Tree and will be using them a lot too over the next few days

Are you off tomorrow? If not what are you up to this week?

Five for Friday!

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This week has been one for the books! We celebrated our 100th Day, went on our first field trip to see a play and ended the week celebrating Valentines Day! Talk about being tired!

Monday was our 100th day. I knew it was going to be jammed packed and of course I over planned as I always do. I decided to make all the activities I had picked out into centers

 We started off with a following directions activity. Great way to keep them focused while still having some fun!

 My students LOVE word searches so of course I had one for them :)
 Reflecting back on the past 100 days
 What we will look like when we are 100 years old.

This one just made me LAUGH so hard!! I hope none of us are ever flopee ;)

To finish off the day I found these stickers in the Target dollar bin and made some certificates for my students
We finally got some time on Tuesday to work on our Valentine themed literacy centers
 Sorting long/ short vowels
 Putting sentences togethers
sorting -ch/ -sh words

There is so much going on this month that we only used these for a week but, I have tons of fun things planned for next week!

We were having a Valentine card exchange so I was looking for a quick easy bag for my kids to create. Here is the one I came up with

My art skills are NOT great at all but, my girls loved the way it turned out..lol
I let them use the same templates and create their own. I of course forgot to snap some pics..ugh 

Today was the big day! Even though we were not having a party my kids were so crazy excited to pass out their cards!

They wanted to spend hours reading their cards. It was so fun to watch their faces light up and enjoy feeling special.

This teacher is planning a nice relaxing weekend after all this excitement!

Happy Valentine's Day!