February Currently

February..time for wishing for spring, hearts, chocolate and some US history!
I love this month :)

I also love linking up with Farley for Currently!

Listening- I LOVE Sunday am and how quiet our house is. That will NOT be the case later on once some big football game is on tv ;)

Loving- Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an 80's chick all the way! Growing up I had( and still have) a HUGE crush on Rick Springfield! I have been blessed to meet a group of ladies who feel just like me. When ever he comes to Texas we ALL get together, see his show and just have the BEST DARN TIME!! Well that happiness will be occurring this Thursday!!
This is a pic of us from the last time we saw him

That is me right in the center below Rick. We are hoping to get another pic just like this one!!!

Thinking- AHHHH my son's Bar Mitzvah is NEXT MONTH!! I HAVE to get those invitations finished and out! Why does time always slip away so fast?!?!

Wanting- I think this goes with out saying..don't we all?

Needing- This goes along with thinking... I MUST go shopping this week. We ALL need clothes. Sigh

Pageant Title- I love to be silly and make others laugh. That is when my true personality comes out. Everyone needs to laugh many times a day :)

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  1. Love your pageant title! Happy February.

  2. I just asked a friend the other day - how come we work five days and only get two off? I think a 4 day work week - 3 day weekend would make me a much more balanced girl! :-)
    Happy February!
    BigTime Literacy

  3. That is such a cool picture with Rick Springfield! I can't wait to see your picture from this year! Girl's weekends are so much fun!

    The Learning Chambers

  4. Yes to longer weekends!!! Just one extra day please! Although I do have to say sometimes 4 day school weeks can feel longer than 5 days - I think we just get out of routine!
    Have FUN with your friends - that sounds like an awesome time! Happy February - this is a fun month, it flies by though!