Five for Friday!

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Last Saturday was Valentine's Day. I told hubby that right now we don't need cards or gifts. You can see above how well he He played it off as it was from him and my sons <3. That is why I love him so.

Monday we did NOT have off...booooo right? The best thing was we had most the day to work in our rooms! I got SOOO much work done and have plans posted for up until spring break! WAHOO!!

The inspiration hit me that I needed some more activities for the fun week when we study a certain Dr.! I decided that we should do our first author study on him! I created this great author study and it can be found in my store. I am so excited to use it!

We have not had snow here in Dallas but, it does get pretty chilly out there. So this week we did a TON of Go Noodle. Do you use it in your classroom? This one here is our FAVORITE!! We love Koo Koo Kanga Roo!

This was the BEST part of our week! We have just begun a pen pal adventure with another K class in Kentucky. Our first letters arrived this week! I wish I took pics of my kids faces! They were SOOO excited. We even began writing back right away. They had so much to tell them. :)

Well that is all for this week! Can't wait to go read others!

Happy Friday!!

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