Groundhog's Day Fun!!

Brrrrr today was sure COLD here in Dallas! Having morning duty when the wind chill is 14 was NOT FUN! You would think growing up in the mid west I would be used to this but, heck NO! My blood must have thinned and I do NOT like the cold!

Neither does the Groundhog! Poor guy didn't want to come out of his burrow for sure! We celebrated this little guy all day today :)

We started off the day with reading a few books

This one is a favorite of mine!

We then talked about what the word prediction means
Students were given a little groundhog for them to put up on the graph

I was happy to see there were a few brave kids who went against the popular side...cause they were correct! We then spent the rest of reading time working on some sentence scrambles 
February Sentence Scrambles
and we also did many activities from this packet
All this week we will be working on discovering more about this animals using non fiction text.

If you would like to graphing activity for next year you can snag it by clicking

I am also excited about these new spelling activities I started using with my students today! I love doing work work with them and came up with 4 great ideas! My team mates are just as excited as I am!
Here are some pics of them working on today's activity

What I am most excited about are that all the words are taken straight from their spelling lists. I love when the kids realized it too! This is what we are doing the rest of the week in their interactive notebooks:

Did you talk about Groundhog's Day? Next week is gonna busy with our 100th day, a field trip and Valentine's Day! I get tired just saying it out loud..haha

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