What I am teaching this week.

Hey everyone! The month of February is going by so quickly! This week promises to be JUST as crazy! On Monday we have our 100th Day of School! I promise to get pics and post them during the week. I have lots of fun 100 activities planned and books to read. We are going to start of the day with this one

The students will then get to share their collections and work on some of these activities

All these activities
and more can be found here

We are also going on our first field trip this year! We are taking the kids to see Charlotte's Web. Should be fun and hope the weather stays good for us too!
Then to wrap up this crazy week we will be celebrating Valentine's Day! I have all the books and plans but, with all that we are doing I hope I get to it all. Each day I have picked some of my favorite books to read. We are also working on these literacy centers

I also need to working on making Valentines for my kids and working on their bags for the card exchange. I am just tired thinking about all that is going to happen this week! The one good thing is we are not allowed to have parties at our school( which is good but, kinda sad) so at least there won't
be the crazy sugar rush!

Tell me about how you celebrate Valentine's Day.

Have a great week everyone!

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