What I am teaching- Week of Feb 17th

Happy Sunday friends! I know many of you have a day off from school tomorrow or maybe even the whole week but, I don't (cue sad music). Tomorrow teachers have a PD day and then it's back to the grind for a few more weeks til Spring Break. I may or may not be counting down the days til then. ;)

So, this week I had all my plans laid out and ready to go when BAM our Black History Committee at school decided that THIS Thursday will be the night parents can come to school and see our projects..wait WHAT?? So, of course I had to go back and see how can I still do what I planned as well as incorporate our BH projects to our plans. 

Since I will only have 2-3 days to get my kids projects ready I am not going all out like I usually would. For my higher level kiddos I can going to let them use their ipads to gather information on famous sports figures. I bought this pack a few years ago on TPT and have the sheets I need all ready to go
This pack has great differentiated graphic organizers for students to use. So my higher leveled kids will get a one type of organizer. My on level students will copy important facts from anchor charts. I plan on incorporating some non fiction books to my reading plans.

Since this week is President's Day I had planned all these great activities focusing on Lincoln, Washington and Obama. We will see how the week goes!
I created a few packs to help my students sort information, practice fact or opinion and even work on creating timelines. Click the covers to see the items in my shop:

A few weeks ago I found these books at Dollar Tree and will be using them a lot too over the next few days

Are you off tomorrow? If not what are you up to this week?

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