What I am teaching..Week of February 23rd

So all Winter long I have been hearing about how most of the country has been getting slammed with snow. While I would NOT want to be stuck in a snow storm I was a tad jealous of being forced to stay home and hibernate for a day or too. 

WELL..tonight we are supposed to get an ICE STORM! Coming from the north I know an ice storm is no big deal BUT, now living in the south it is a FLAT OUT emergency down here. I don't mind driving in it....it is the OTHER drivers that scare me! So of course I ran to the store and stocked us up on comfy cold weather foods and my kids are so hoping for that 1 snow day! I kinda am too ;)

So IF I do have school tomorrow here is what I have planned. 

Earlier this school year my school decided to go departmentalized. Yes, even all the way down to K. Earlier in the year I was struggling BIG TIME with this change. These days..I am much better with it once I got my groove back. So I just teach ELA and SS to my K class and one other. That is why none of my plans focus on Math and Science. I do miss teaching those subject and always find things I want to do.  Lesson plans are MUCH easier just focusing on 2 subject areas. 

Most of my reading plans are laid out for my by our reading series. We use Texas Treasures and it is filled with ideas, centers and even ways to teach ELL and differentiate.  So when I talk about what I am teaching for reading I tend to just focus on what spelling and reading centers we will be working on.

We are starting our Read Across America unit this week. I am glad I planned for 2 week cause there is SO much I love to do! For reading centers this week I am prepping this pack for my students

I am so excited to have my students get into these. I love using that silly cat as the theme behind these. We are also continuing to work on building sentences with this pack. 

Other students who need more grammar practice will be using these centers I just created.

                             (This set will be posted during the week)

For Social Studies this week we are continuing to work on President's Day Activities. You can read about what we are doing {HERE}.

It's going to be a fun week! What are you teaching this week?

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