What I Am Teaching- St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Hey everyone! It's Sunday and that mean it's time for planning. I'm sad cause today is the last day of our Spring Break but, that mean we are getting even closer to SUMMER!!

This week is a short and crazy one for me and my students. Teachers have staff development tomorrow, then I am out for a few days near the end of the week for my son's BIG day :)!! So due to all of this I am gonna talk about what I have done in the past for St. Patrick's Day in hopes that most of it will be done again this week!!

I always like to start off the week by having my friend Lenny the Leprechaun coming for a visit!! Thanks to the AMAZING Krista from Creative Clips I have the cutest leprechaun in town!!

SO he will just magically show up on Tuesday and leave notes to my students all week long. He may also be bringing some gifts and treats along the way. In the past I have also made him a little mischievous and turn a few things in the classroom upside down.

For reading this week I am incorporating some holiday themed books and activities

 I always like to start my week with this favorites of mine. There are lots of graphic organizers that go with the story but, my favorite one come from Jen Ross' pack found here 

Right before the story ends I stop reading and have my students come up with alternative endings. This is the time of the year when my students writing starts to shine and I just love seeing what they come up with!

I also like to read this story to my students that gives lots of history and facts about this holiday

Seriously who doesn't love Gail Gibbons books?!? They are always filled with such great details and information.

Here are a few other books that will be read during the week:

This is where the tricky of Lenny comes into play. I am going to have my students write about how they would trap a leprechaun if they found one

That will be used for my higher students and other students will use this one from 
My Fabulous Class

How CUTE are those?!?!

No holiday would be complete with a Lady Who Swallowed A.... story!
These stories are great to work on sequencing events! They are a favorite of my students :)

We will also be working on a few different crafts this week. The first one I found on Pinterest and just loved it!

I have seen them done a few different ways but, this is my favorite! Love the background :)

This week I also like to incorporate some rainbow activities. We are going to be making these with my students using adjectives to describe themselves

Again, I have seen them all over pinterest and can't wait to decorate my wall with them!

Another fun math activity that I used to do with my class with one of the first things I ever created for TPT

Everyone loves a little fun with candy!!

Whew that is so much to do in such a short time.

Hope you all have a great week~

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