What I am Teaching This Week- Spring Break!

Happy March everyone! Here in the great state of Texas we are on Spring Break this week...even though we had snow on the ground last week! Yes I said SNOW!

This is what I awoke to Thursday am. We got 4 inches! For Dallas that was CrAzY!! Luckily it melted just as fast as it fell...whew. I mean who wants snow during Spring Break??  NOT me!

So this week I do not have to plan( HOORAAAYY!!). I am going to just give you a quick recap of what we did this last week and show you a new idea that I tried with my students:

Here are some pics of ALL the Dr Seuss craziness we had this short jam packed week!
                                                         Books we read
                                       LOVE the Target Dollar Spot!

We had about 8 literacy centers that my students rotated through during the week. 

The week would not be complete without an easy craft! We made these and added rhyming words to the hats. 

On top of all the Seuss fun we had to make our St. Patrick's Book that was being sent to another K class!! The kids did such a great job!

I always love a good excuse to color so I joined the fun too

We can't wait to get ours when we are back in school! This book is a freebie on TPT. You can grab it {HERE}. Thanks so much to Teacher Laura for creating this!

A few weeks ago I was thinking about different ways I can help my students understand syllables. We had done the clapping, hand under the chin, watch videos etc..,  still some students were struggling. I came across this idea of using cubes to help and it was a HUGE moment for my kids!

Here is what we did. I gave each kid 5 cubes to start. We would say the word and at first clap the syllables. Then we would go back, say the word again but, instead of clapping we would break off a cube instead. Then they would could how many cubes were taken off and that would show them how many syllables were in that word! Here are some pics

Then after we practiced this a few time I had them show me what they learned using my FAVORITE print and go sheets from Annie Moffatt

While I was doing this activity EVERY child in my room wanted to be at that table trying this out! I was so amazed at how captivated my students became. 

Of course when I got home I had to come up with some task cards that I could use in a center so everyone could practice this skill

These were so popular that I am working on some Spring syllable cards over my break!

Hope you all have a great week!

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