What I am Teaching..Week of March 30th

Hey there! I know its been awhile since I have blogged. I have been so busy with my son's bar mitzvah and having family in town. Here are just a few pics of the big day:

My son just before we began.

 My dad and all his grandkids :)

Me and my parents

                                            The Ogulnick Clan
My sisters and parents.

It was such a wonderful day filled with so many emotions!

Now back to reality! This week in school is a short one for us. I have been saving my spring activities and plan to start them this week. In reading we will be reading many non fiction books about Spring:

These are from Scholastic and I love the pictures they used. My kids will use the books along with some graphic organizers and writing prompts to show off their best writing skills. This is the time of the year when things begin to click and my students really show all they have gained this year. Make me smile so much!

For literacy centers we will be using these activities:

Since it is a short week we will be using these activities for 2 weeks.

Make sure to stop back here on April 2nd for a BIG announcement!!

Have a great week!


  1. Looks like a fun week! April 2nd is my birthday! Looking forward to your announcement!

  2. Yea! for short weeks and for beautiful families! Looking forward to April 2nd.