Five For Friday- April 24th

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It was a fun filled week!

We started off the week digging into to Homophone. To help teach the words we played a matching game

I passed out the cards to each student then went around the room having them read aloud their word and then finding their match. They loved it! This is how it was displayed at the end. 
We had our 2nd field trip of the year on Wednesday. We took 220 K students to the ZOO! Yes, that is right 220! We have 11 K classes this year. On top of that we had the lovely threat of serve weather :/

Luckily the rain held off and we all had a GREAT TIME!

Since we spent Earth Day at the zoo, we had some catching up to do. The past few weeks we have been working hard on building sentences. To help with that skill and incorporate Earth day Fun!!

My students were so engaged with this activity. You could have heard a pin drop! Why do the admin never come in and see that in action?!  
 This past Thursday my Dad (who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer last August) was on the Chicagoloand Fox news station telling his story and promoting the Pan Can Walk that is being done next weekend. I was SO incredibly proud of my Dad. He was a rock star and showed everyone how a positive attitude can help you fight off this awful disease.

I have been a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan the show started in 2005. Last night was just AWFUL. Seriously I feel like I lost a friends. I cried BIG UGLY SOBBING tears over this. I don't know how this show can go on and next week...omg my eyes will be SO puffy!!

I was in such shock I went to IG to find some company to get over this! The fans are NOT happy!
I need a hug! 
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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