Magical Marvelous Monday!!!

Have you ever had one of those days where EVERYTHING goes just as you hope it to?All the starts aligned and the planets did too! One of those days that you would LOVE to bottle and save to use again. Well,today was that day in my classroom. It was AWESOME that I just had to share it :D

I am sure you are thinking" Really?! A day like that on a MONDAY?!" YES it really did! Over the past few weeks I have been feeling realllly burnt out! Like over done and ready to just sit by my pool and read the days away. I know I am not alone. This time of year for some reason just drains us as teachers.

SO yesterday I made the decision that today even though its a Monday I was going to be positive and share that outlook with everyone!! I started the day with this pic on Instagram

I know it's just a pic but boy did it sent the tone for my day :D I was not as tired as I usually am on Monday mornings. My coffee was extra delicious today too! Even a co worker commented on how chipper I was when I got to work at 6:45 am :)
If you follow me on IG you know how EXCITED I was to get my Creative Clip paper on Friday afternoon! I could not WAIT to bring it to school and start using it. The colors just shout HAPPINESS! A serious mood lifter.

After we did our morning calendar routine I decided to start out our spelling activities this week with a game. This week our spelling words are homophones. While yes they can be easy to spell it is knowing which meaning we are talking about. SOOOO I created this matching game last night

I passed out the cards to each student and had them read the word out loud and find their matching partner. Once they were located they placed their cards in our pocket chart

This activity was a HIT! It really helped them get an understanding of what these words mean and how we have to use them correctly. Tomorrow we will work on creating sentences for each of these words.

After my kiddos came back from Art we moved onto ANOTHER game...wait WHAT 2 games??!! YES!

We are also starting to dig into prepositions this week. What better way to expose these students to the words then by having a game of Scoot! We went over the expectation many times and practiced scooting A LOT before we began!

Once they were ready to move I set out one of these task cards at each students seat

This is the response sheet they wrote their answers down on. Now I have a VERY talkative class this year..13 girls out of 22! So I knew that I had to stress that they only have 30 second or so to come up with an answer. Once we started the scoot game you could have heard a PIN DROP! I was shocked at how focused and engaged my students were! I was SOOOO excited to see their excitement. This was the kind of moment that I know will stick out and they will remember. ANOTHER reason to smile :)

Some action shot of my afternoon class scooting along.

We also read a GREAT earth day book Planet Earth Gets Well. It really brought the message down to a kid level about what we can do to help make the earth feel better.

Of course we ran out of time and will continue the lesson tomorrow but, I know the message will remain in their heads.

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So, that was my day! Have you ever had a magical marvelous school day before?? I would love to hear all about it!

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