Waging Hope- Purple for Poppie

Today's post is a personal one for me. This past August my family was hit with the horrible news that my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer. That is a day I will never forget. My dad has been so HEALTHY all of his life! Seriously I have never seen anyone take as care of themselves like my dad has. This is a pic of him in healthier times

                              ( I am the short one in the family..lol)

He has been getting a very aggressive type of chemo and has been fighting like a CHAMP! These are pics from a few weeks ago!
                                            My parents- married 49 years this June!
 Ever since his diagnosis we have become active with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. On May 2nd  I will be walking with my family at the Purple Stride to support my dad or Poppie as we all call him. These events are critical  is raising awareness and funds to help with research

I have also decided that the next few weeks a portion my sale profits will be going towards our team goal.  Our goal is to raise 3K and we are close but I would LOVE to push us over and beyond that number. 

If anyone is interested in supporting our team you can click on this link
                                            Purple For Poppie

I promise to blog all about the walk and how much we were able to raise after the walk. Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram for pictures and updates.

Thank you for listening and if anyone has any healing thoughts please send them our way. 

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