What I am Teaching.. Week of April 13th - Earth Day!

Earth Day is right around the corner! For the next 2 weeks we will be learning all about what we can do to help the earth. Here are some of the books we will be reading

First up is Planet Earth Get's Well.The main lesson of the book is to " think green" so the earth can stay healthy. After the read aloud we will create an anchor chart about what we can do to help the earth. Here are 2 anchor charts that we will work on during the week. There are TONS of ideas on Pinterest!

My student will be working on lots of writing this week. This is one of the activities that will be in our writing center.

The next day we will begin talking about recycling. We will talk about the symbol and as we read the book Recycle Every Day. We will chart all the different items that can be recycled. 

This is a great anchor chart that I found on Pinterest

My students will then create this flip flap book. Depending on my students some students will draw pictures, while other can write sentence about what they can recycle.

You can grab this books as a freebie. Just click { HERE}

Day 3 we will read Where Does The Garbage Go? After reading and discussing I am going to have my students create posters to encourage recycling. 

All the material I will be using came from these activities

Stop by next week to see our Earth Day Literacy Centers in action and how we finish up our Earth Day studies!

Have a great week :)

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