What I'm Teaching..Week Of April 27th

Well we have made it to the LAST 6 weeks of school! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. As we all know these last few weeks can be stressful! With all we that is expected to be taught, testing to be done and so much more, I know these next few weeks will be HARD but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! Soon our day can be spent like this

Yes I actually took some time this week to sit and read by our pool! It was a great way to relax and recharge. I hope do get some time today too!!

So, since these next few weeks are crazy I like to save some of my favorite literature weeks to use during this time of year. 

This week is all about Tall Tales! We start off with this anchor chart

 Tall tales are short stories with an unbelievable plot line. Storytellers read tall tales as if they were true. Tall tales usually have exaggerations of actual events. In addition, many tall tales take place in an existing location, such as the American Old West, a European country, or at the beginning of a major historical event.

The books we will read through out the week are also displayed and I ask students to give me some observations about each of the characters

We will read one story a day and focus on the characteristics of each. Students will identify traits of what makes this a tall tale and later in the week they will be comparing the characters to see how they are similar and different.

This week I am using this pack for resources and literacy centers
It is filled with amazing resources! There are multiple recording pages, vocabulary activities, printable, guided reading passages on each character and literacy centers. I used this last year and this was the week my kids talked and talked about! So much fun!!

We are also going to being working on our Mother's Day gifts. We will using a craft and coupon book from here

My students will make a Thank You flower for their Mom or anyone else that is a caregiver. This craft has options to make it for who ever they need to!

This example shows how to print it on colored paper but, you would also just print it on plain paper and have the kids decorate the flower.
Love how cute it looks :)

We are also going to start working on showing our Mom's how great our writing is using this FREEBIE from my store!

So that is our week. How many day of school do you have left?

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  1. Tall tales sound like a fun way to keep the kids engaged towards the end of the year.
    Thanks for sharing your freebie! :)
    We have 38 days of school left!