DFW Blogger Meet Up

Thanks to Instagram I have connected with SOO many amazing teachers! I was super excited when I found out some of them were from this area! The amazing


put together a GREAT meet up last night! It was SOO fun to meet new local friends!

Going to these event can be nerve wracking. Walking into a place not really knowing what anyone looks like( since most of us have logo's!) is scary!! As soon as I walked in I felt at ease. People recognized me from IG...whew

                          There was a great turnout and awesome food!
We all had great conversations about where we teach, what our schools are like and of course TPTing! It was awesome to hear everyone's stories and what they find works for them. I was so inspired by everyone there!

As the dinner went on we had fun passing around our business cards. So glad mine came in last week!

We were also given a gift bag :D

                                        Inside were lots of treats!

How CUTE is this cookie!
The biggest hit and I am sure the others felt the same way this!!!

I was really happy that +Mel FromthePond donated these amazing certificates to us!! I have tons of her stuff on my wishlist. Now to figure out what to use it on!!!
                                                              (Photo credit to Mrs. Jones)

I am sad I won't be able to make it to Vegas and meet more amazing teachers but, I am super glad to find some locals here who will keep me up to date with what is going on!

The sun is shinning here for the first time in week so I am off to go ENJOY it!!

Five For Friday.May 29th

Happy Friday Friends! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for

This week I tried to come up with activities that would keep my kids engaged! I introduced these Break The Code sheets from Teaching With Love and Laughter and they were a HUGE HIT!

They could not get enough of these sheets. I even had them use this code and make messages up for their friends. Such a great activity :)

I FINALLY got some business cards! I really feel "official" now!

Thanks to Danielle at Crayonbox Learning for creating them!

The past month is had been raining B U C K E T S here in Dallas. Imagine having indoor recess for 3 plus week.  Then this past week we had a day like this

Not sure who was more excited to see the sun my students or ME!

On Wednesday I got to attend my younger sons award ceremony. I knew he was getting an award but, I didn't know for what. My husband and I were SHOCKED when we heard his name called 3 times!! There are not enough words to express how proud we are of him!

This past weekend I made a fun Summer Bingo game that was sent to my TPT followers. We started working on it today.

These are the cards they students can choose from. They color and write the words they choose on this game board.

I have a feeling we will be playing it quite a few times til school is out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Classroom Library

Awhile back someone asked me some questions about how I organize my classroom library. There are SO many ways to go about this huge task. Since I have been teaching sincethestoneage awhile I have gathered QUITE a collection of books!

This is how my library looks this year. We have NO shelves in our classroom so over the years I have tried MANY different ways to set up my library. It works for me( for now). Our rooms are not the biggest and the furniture takes up A LOT of space! I can't get a reading area in so most time they take books back to their seats. 

A few year ago I found some library labels to help set up my baskets.This was before I even knew how to make any of these things..haha

The baskets are from Dollar Tree and have lasted over 2 years! I decided to sort my books by themes( based on the labels I had). Here are a few more pics

Last summer I got those shelves from Target and they are great! As you can see I can store 2 baskets easily on each one. If I had to I could also squeeze in 3.( Ignore the paper towels on the side..storage issues!)

Here is a few to show the whole library. This summer one of my projects of many is to  make new labels that fit my themes a little better. I always have 1 basket that is a mixture of all the books that I could not fit anywhere else. I also want to get some new baskets. Those have been great but someone showed me these from                            Step Into Literacy


Don't the look great! Love the colors too. Of course with new bins means I need new library labels. What would you use more? Labels with themes or labels with months?? I can't decide!!

How do you set up your classroom library? Have a system you love? Let me know :)

Weekly Summer Link Up- My Summer Goals

Hi Friends! I am so excited to be starting a new summer weekly link up! I am joining
today to chat about my summer goals( even though I still have 3 weeks of school left)!

We all probably all have a looooooong list right??!! So much I want to do and we all know how summer just FLIES by!

1. Rest and Recharge!
This is my number one goal this summer! We ALL work so hard during the school year. Always going, going, going. I am reaally going to try to take time and just enjoy life! My goal is for at least 1 hour a day to get some ME time.  It may be going for a walk, sitting by the pool and reading or just binge watch some Netflix.  I think it is really important for us all to get some down time no matter what!

2. Vacation with my Family
This year we are heading up to Michigan as soon as my school year ends. We are renting a house on Lake Michigan for a week. I know my hubby will not be as excited about spending a week with my sisters and parents BUT, this year in not like others. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer last summer and this trip has always been a dream of his. SO I am going to soak up all the family time I can and make awesome memories for everyone. As sad as I am that I won't be able to make it to Vegas for the TPT conference I know that there is always next year. Family has to come first.

3. Prep for next year.
As much as we all love our summers our teacher minds never shut off! I have a list of things I want to create for TPT and ideas I want to use next school year. I also plan to devote a few hours a days to get that stuff done!

So what are you summer plans? Make sure to link up! I am off to read what everyone else wants to do. 

Sunday Scoop

Hey friends! Today I am linking up with 

Teaching Trio

for their fun Sunday Scoop. Here is what I hope to do this week!

You know how things get farther and farther down on that list of to do's? Well my goal today is to get it done! It has been seriously raining here for 2 days so no outdoor fun for us. I have GOT to make some headway!

We still have 2(long weeks) of school so, I am also on the hunt for some fun, crafty type activities to keep this kids entertained focused! What are you doing these days in your room??

My reward for cleaning out those closets will be some ME time!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy(almost) Summer!

I got a PLANNER!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This past week was a crazy one at school and at home! 

So, over the past few weeks I have been seeing lots of people talking about planners. I love how teachers get excited about the next school year when the current one is not even over yet..lol

There was LOTS of talk about teacher planners. At my school we have to do all our plans online so I knew that would not work for me. Then I posted a questions in one of my facebook groups asking for ideas on life planners. I was looking for a way to keep my teaching, TPTing and blogging plans all in one place. People RAVED about Erin Condren planners. Now I know why!!

Yesterday THIS arrived!

I was so excited to open it! Even the way it was packed and shipped was amazing

It took me F O R E V E R to figure out which cover I wanted. Since I felt like such a newbie to this whole world it was SO hard to pick just one. I finally came to a decision

As you can tell by my logo and blog I LOVE color!! I also love inspirational messages and this one just made me smile so BIG!! As you can see I was able to add my name and business to the cover. Isn't it cute??!!

Now I had watched some videos so I kinda new what was inside but, was still excited to explore. The cover is made with a thick, laminated cardstock which is great! I know it will hold up for the rest of the year.
                   This is what the inside first page looks like and then
                            MORE messages!! Just love it for motivation!

At the beginning of each month there is a 2 page layout. I think here I am going to be writing all the events that will be going on. I also plan on getting some washi tape to decorate my heart out!!

Each week is listed and I really liked how each day is broken down to Morning, Day and Night. Some people use this as daily tasks. I think I am going to break it up with blog, TPT and Life. I even read about how some people color code their ideas and tasks. There are some great ideas out there of how to create a planner that works for you. Who knew!!

After December there is a section for notes! LOVE that. There are lined sheets and also reallly pretty designed pages. I am still afraid to write anything on these sheets. Need to do some research about the best way to use them ;)

After the notes pages there are STICKERS!! Some of them come labeled for you to place where you need 
 Then there are blank ones that can be used for whatever! There is even an option on the website to order extra stickers. I am not sure how much of them I will use so I have not ordered any more just yet.

Near the back is the great pocket to store papers and inside the pocket was another great addition!

Great idea to have a book where you can store all important dates! Very helpful.

Lastly there is a clear pouch on the inside back cover where you can store lables.

When I opened my box I was sooo happy to see that they threw in so many goodies as a thank you!

These stickers and labels are super cute! I placed them all in my plastic pouch for now. Those folks at EC sure are good at marketing their products and even make me want to go buy MORE..haha
 As I started to fill in my planner I began to wonder about which pens would work best. I love love love my flair pens and was SOOO happy to discover that they do NOT bleed through!! WAAHHOOOO

So are you ready to check out EC planner for yourself?? Want to get $10 off your order? Click this link below to sign up and get a special coupon code emailed to you!!

If you end up ordering one I would love to hear what you think about it! I am off to check out washi tape and more on Etsy!!