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Awhile back someone asked me some questions about how I organize my classroom library. There are SO many ways to go about this huge task. Since I have been teaching sincethestoneage awhile I have gathered QUITE a collection of books!

This is how my library looks this year. We have NO shelves in our classroom so over the years I have tried MANY different ways to set up my library. It works for me( for now). Our rooms are not the biggest and the furniture takes up A LOT of space! I can't get a reading area in so most time they take books back to their seats. 

A few year ago I found some library labels to help set up my baskets.This was before I even knew how to make any of these things..haha

The baskets are from Dollar Tree and have lasted over 2 years! I decided to sort my books by themes( based on the labels I had). Here are a few more pics

Last summer I got those shelves from Target and they are great! As you can see I can store 2 baskets easily on each one. If I had to I could also squeeze in 3.( Ignore the paper towels on the issues!)

Here is a few to show the whole library. This summer one of my projects of many is to  make new labels that fit my themes a little better. I always have 1 basket that is a mixture of all the books that I could not fit anywhere else. I also want to get some new baskets. Those have been great but someone showed me these from                            Step Into Literacy


Don't the look great! Love the colors too. Of course with new bins means I need new library labels. What would you use more? Labels with themes or labels with months?? I can't decide!!

How do you set up your classroom library? Have a system you love? Let me know :)

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  1. Love it!! I love the colors and organization - super cute!