DFW Blogger Meet Up

Thanks to Instagram I have connected with SOO many amazing teachers! I was super excited when I found out some of them were from this area! The amazing


put together a GREAT meet up last night! It was SOO fun to meet new local friends!

Going to these event can be nerve wracking. Walking into a place not really knowing what anyone looks like( since most of us have logo's!) is scary!! As soon as I walked in I felt at ease. People recognized me from IG...whew

                          There was a great turnout and awesome food!
We all had great conversations about where we teach, what our schools are like and of course TPTing! It was awesome to hear everyone's stories and what they find works for them. I was so inspired by everyone there!

As the dinner went on we had fun passing around our business cards. So glad mine came in last week!

We were also given a gift bag :D

                                        Inside were lots of treats!

How CUTE is this cookie!
The biggest hit and I am sure the others felt the same way this!!!

I was really happy that +Mel FromthePond donated these amazing certificates to us!! I have tons of her stuff on my wishlist. Now to figure out what to use it on!!!
                                                              (Photo credit to Mrs. Jones)

I am sad I won't be able to make it to Vegas and meet more amazing teachers but, I am super glad to find some locals here who will keep me up to date with what is going on!

The sun is shinning here for the first time in week so I am off to go ENJOY it!!

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  1. That looks like fun!! I wish I lived closer to you :)