Sunday Scoop

Hey friends! Today I am linking up with 

Teaching Trio

for their fun Sunday Scoop. Here is what I hope to do this week!

You know how things get farther and farther down on that list of to do's? Well my goal today is to get it done! It has been seriously raining here for 2 days so no outdoor fun for us. I have GOT to make some headway!

We still have 2(long weeks) of school so, I am also on the hunt for some fun, crafty type activities to keep this kids entertained focused! What are you doing these days in your room??

My reward for cleaning out those closets will be some ME time!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy(almost) Summer!


  1. I have 3.5 weeks to go .... trying to keep them engaged is quite the struggle! I hear you on that! It is gorgeous out here...but I have no clean hopefully that will motivate me to get the laundry done!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars

  2. See Pitch Perfect 2?! Now I'm jealous. Perhaps I just figured out what I should do tonight! <3

  3. I can relate about the rain! In fact, it has rained so much, pretty much as long as it isn't lightening and HEAVY rain, we are having practices and games for sports...otherwise the kids wouldn't get to play!

    I love this link-up!!!

  4. I can't WAIT to see pitch perfect 2. I have to console myself by watching the first one. I have it on DVD and have seen it about 4 times this month. A bit like mean girls it never gets old.

    Learning to be awesome