What I am Teaching..Week of May 11th

Hey everyone! Hope all you Mom's out there are having a wonderful Mother's Day. I am enjoying a rainy, quiet morning right now with me and my coffee. My favorite time of the day! Don't you agree??

Well, the end of our school year is approaching quickly! Even though we don't get out til June 9th our last few weeks of school are filled with fun days that the whole school participates in. We have field day, field trip to an amusement park, trade days( where we create a product and sell it to the other students), and a few other activities. So with all that going on my instructional time is coming to an end. Which is good and bad. Good cause everyone is a little antsy these days but, there are those kids who could use every minute I can give them.

So to make our last few weeks fun and exciting we are staring to create our This Year Rocked Memory Book.

This time of year is filled with many feelings. Some kids are so excited about the upcoming summer and other's have a tough time with change. That is one reason why I love to make these books. So everyone can have something special to look back on during those weeks away from school. When I created this book I wanted to make it for more than I grade level. Here is a sample of what some of the pages look like

There are tons of pages with different options so I know this will take a few weeks for us to finish off.

I also love to celebrate each child and the growth they have made over this past year. At my school we are not allowed to do anything with food, so all the cute awards with candy attached to them would not fly....sadness. Instead I can up with these superstar awards( to go along with the rockin' theme of the book)

These were also featured on the TPT blog last week! You can read about that  {{HERE}}
I am so grateful for the shout out!! Here is a peak at what some of the award look like

There are 24 different awards included. I can't wait to see their faces when they get these awards!

Over the summer I would love to blog about topics or questions that you all might have. Comment below if there is something you would like to hear about.

Hang in there teachers. We are almost there. Happy End of The Year to all you amazing teachers out there!

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