What I am Teaching..Week of May 4th!

Hi everyone! I am getting this post up earlier than Sunday because, I am leaving to head up to Chicago this weekend for the Pancreatic Cancer Walk. I am so happy to announce that I was able to donate over $300 dollars from my sales to this walk! I can't thank you all enough for helping me go WAAAY beyond the goal I had! It makes me tear up to think about how all these students all around the world are using item from me to enhance their learning! BIG SMILE!!

Ok on to the plans. This week we are visiting a favorite story and all of its different versions... The 3 Little Pigs!

This week  will be a lot like my Gingerbread Week. We are going to read 5 different versions of this tale and do A LOT of comparing/ contrasting. Here are the 5 books we will read:

We start off the week using the book by James Marshall. After we read it we do a story map. All my activities this week are coming from this packet
This packet has EVERYTHING you could need! 

This is an example of a map I will be using:

My students will fill a map like this based on each book. 

We will also be filling out Venn diagrams during the week to compare 2 versions of the stories

We are going to talk A LOT about characteristics and my kiddos will be making posters to either support the wolf or explain why he is wanted after reading this story:

( If you have never read this version it is a MUST!)
Using this book we also talk about Point of View and how this story is told be the wolf. We create an anchor chart like below to fill out after the reading

                      ( This is just an example of one..ours will be a bit different)

Also next week we will be working on finishing up our Mother's Day crafts and coupons. You can read about those {{HERE}}

Next week as I am sure most of you know is Teacher Appreciation Week! To make the week even better TPT is having a SITE WIDE SALE!

Time to get those wish lists updated! I love to go shopping :) What are you looking forward to next week?

Happy Friday!

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