July Currently!

Hey Friends! It is time for my favorite linky party!! I am joining the fun hosted by   Farley  every month. So here is mine!

We are still on vacation for a few more days in Chicago. Best part of coming back home is eating ALL our favorites!! From hot dogs to pizza we must get it all in :D

Once we get back home I really want to take time to read by the pool, see some movies that are on my list and make summer last! 

All Star: People have commented on what a good listener I can be. Lots of friends feel like they can talk when they need someone to just vent to. Makes me happy that people think of me like that :)

Make sure to check out what is going on with all the other bloggers. Happy July!

Summer Stock Up

We are a few weeks into summer and I am sure like me, most of us can NOT just shut off that teacher brain! I am already plotting and planning about what I want to do/change for next year.

One activity I know I will be adding FOR SURE is this Making  Good Choices

The first day of school is such a crazy one! Some of my students are in a classroom setting for the very first time! Most kids know some basic rules but, may not really understand what are good or bad choices to make.

To help them understand I created this sorting activity.  To start off each child gets a picture

Once they are all passed out we discuss what each picture is showing us and the students decide if it shows a good or bad choice

You can also use this activity to help set your classroom rules. There are 24 picture cards to be sorted.

I also included some printables for the students to work on to make sure they understood the difference between good and bad.

This one they had to create their own T chart to show the differences
 This printable had 7 pictures on it and the students glued them to the correct side.

For my some of my higher kids I have them sort words. I like to have a few different options to use with my students.

To help keep those good/ bad choices on their minds we have a few other activities we use during the first week.
               Students  write how choices they should or should not make. They can also talk about how they can be a good friend.
 There are also Interactive notebook flaps where students can write about good/ bad choices. There are so many options with this packet!

After a few days our rules are in place and my students can see and tell me all about what are good or bad choices. 

Another tip is to pull this activity out after a long break just to review what your classroom expectations are. If you want to read more about that just click  {{HERE}}

Click {{HERE}} to grab a freebie!! Make sure to check out The Primary Gal to see what other freebies there are :)

Makeover Madness!

I am SO excited to join the TPT seller Challenge that is hosted by
 Teach Create MotivatePeppyZestyTeacheristaSparkling In Second and 
Third in Hollywood!!
You can read more about that {{HERE}}

We started off yesterday by taking note of our followers. Here are mine

Not terrible for 15 months into this adventure. As you can see I really don't use twitter. I am not sure how that could help. Plus, at this point there are many things I am focusing on I am not sure I can handle 1 more media to attend to!

There are 4 challenges we are going to work on during this challenge. This first week is makeover madness!! These ladies must have known that this summer that is one of my things to do! Some of my covers when I first started kinda make me cringe!!

So this first week I have picked a big seller of mine to work on! My fraction task cards were one of the first products I had for sale. 

I like when my covers stand out a bit with color( you can tell by my blog how much I LOVE color!!) Bright covers stand out to me and I love everything made by Creative Clips to help my products come to life!

My second makeover goes along with my task cards

These printables have sold a few times. I priced them kinda high(in my mind) so I lowered it greatly. Then once I found out about the challenge I decided I really needed to improve this packet! I made over the cover and also added 8 more activities to this packet! So now it has 15 ready to go activities! I am hoping that this boost will help it sell so more :)

My last makeover cover is a bundle of both those fraction activities.

I think this cover got the BIGGEST transformation! The new one just pops! I really am happy with the way it turned out.

All these items that have been made over are on sale this week! Just click on any of the pictures to check them out.

Make sure to stop by next week to check out our next challenge!

Summer Reading List

Summer....ahhhh the one time of the year that I can read! I really do not have time during the year to get through a book. My friend Molly from Lucky To Be in First is having a summer reading link up! I like to her about new books that I can add to my list.

Here is just a few of the books I hope to read over the summer

I was so excited to learn Judy Blume had a new book out. She is at the top of my list! I also love to read chick lit authors. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorites!

Are you looking for a few books to read? Here are some that I highly recommend!

What is on your summer reading list? Make sure to check out what other's are reading this summer over at Lucky To Be In First!

Happy Summer Reading!

Reflect and Refresh

Welcome to Reflect and Refresh, a two part linky party where teacher bloggers share their reflections on the 2014-2015 school year and ways they are planning to refresh their teaching in 2015-2016. I am linking up with friends over at

Terrific Teaching and LearningMrs. D's Corner



for this linky party!


Communication: This year I started a weekly email to my parents. I included our spelling words for the week, our homework sheet, a reading log and reminders of any upcoming dates. I have to say it worked AWESOME this year! No more thousands of questions coming in! I really think the parents appreciated knowing what was going on in the classroom too. 

This past year I was a team lead for our K team. In order to keep everyone up to date on everything I signed us up for Remind. It is an app that let's me text my team mates anythings. Last minute PLC just sent a text and we are good to go.  It was a life saver some days! I highly recommend it :)

Content:  After 6 weeks of school our admin decided to go departmentalized! I was F R E A K E D out! I did NOT want to leave my kids with someone else! Plus now I had to get used to another 22 students. Looking back I may not have had the best attitude about it  but, it ended up being really really GREAT! I taught ELA and SS. I did a lot of cross curricular lessons too. I also found that this content area is my strength! I loved planning reading lesson for whole and small group. I also was able to devote a lot of time to prepping and planning reading centers.

 I know lots of you out there might think it is crazy to departmentalized down at the K level but, I really think the kids did benefit from it. I was lucky to be paired up with one other teacher so I had a good 2 hrs in each class. Other team mates of mine were in groups of 3 and I know they always felt there was not enough time. I am hoping next year we are all paired up in with one other class. 

Organization: This was a BIG thing for me. I am a pretty organized person as it is. Now with me traveling to another classroom I had to have a system that worked! I decided to use these drawers for students to place their papers in. I also had drawers like this for me in each room. It really helped to get my copies sorted and ready to go!

I also got rid of our class clip chart this year! At the begging of the year I was using mini ones for each student that looked liked this

They worked for awhile and were effective. Truthfully I forgot to keep up with them and I was lucky to have a good bunch of kids this year. They just 
L O V E D to talk to each other! Next year I am going to implement the golden ticket method that  A Teeny Tiny Teacher uses. I am really inspired by it!

My BIG summer project: I really want to come up with a system using this cart that really collected dust in my classroom this year
If you have a system that works or one that you know about let me know! I love to find new ideas of how to use this cart!

Make sure to check out how other's year went!

Tips To A Kindergarten Teacher...

Do you teach Kindergarten? Will you be teaching Kindergarten this year? There are some great K teachers sharing their tips over at
                                               Sharing Kindergarten
      With 13 years experience teaching Kinder I have some tips for you all too!

I feel like this one is my most valuable tip! When the first day of school comes around some of your students might be in school for the very first time. From the first step into your room it is all new to them.  For the first 2 weeks
(sometimes more/less) I go over EVERYTHING! From how to sit on a chair, how to walk to the carpet, how to listen during story time etc... We have posters that show how our rules plus pictures and charts that have my expectations. Once our rules are known and my students know my expectations my classroom runs pretty smoothly. Other teachers have commented to me on how well my students work and are amazed they can do that. I tell them it's all about those first few weeks of school!

Which leads me to my 2nd tip. Model, model, model!!! Your students needs to see how things must be done. From how to hold a pencil the correct way, how to walk with a pair of scissors, and like I said before even how to sit correctly.  If you put the time in at the beginning to show them your expectations your classroom will function and flow so much better. As the year goes on I always have picture clues as directions for my students to refer back to. It has helped( a little) with those millions of questions about what I am supposed to do next ;)

SHOES!! I think this is another one of those tips that no one really talks about. As a K teacher you are moving around ALL DAY long! You want to invest in some very comfortable shoes. Now, I know we all like to dress cute but, when you are a K teacher comfort over rules the cuteness. At my school we have to wear a uniform( yes even the teachers) with black shoes. This past year I found black sketchers air walk sneakers and they are the MOST comfortable shoes I have even worn! My feet do not hurt at the end of the day!  Check them out. You will NOT be sorry. :)

When you teach you are surrounded by 20 something students who ALL have all sorts of germs. My very first principal told us at training no matter what take a multi vitamin EVERY day. Your immune system is not ready to take on all the extra germs that are all around. Especially if you are just starting out in the teaching world. You WILL get sick this year. 

It is also just as important to get LOTS of rest! The first few weeks of school are EXHAUSTING!!! You will come home and just want to crawl into bed. That is OK! Listen to your body and if it needs sleep, then sleep! Come October you and your classroom will be a much better place!

Do you have any tips or suggestions for a K teacher? Head on over to
Sharing Kindergarten to check out some other great tips from K teachers.

My Favorite Things-June

Hey Friends! Today I am joining the fun over at Teaching Trio to chat about some of my favorite things!
Summer is coming soon! There is nothing that I love more than waking up, sitting on my back patio, enjoying a delicious cup( or 2) of iced coffee and enjoying the quiet. It is my favorite time of the day and I SO miss it during the craziness of the school year.
Summer is also the time I LOVE to read! This summer Judy Blume is coming out with new book and I am so excited! I love to read chick lit and romance books. I have my list of authors I love but am always looking for new ones! Who are your favorites??

Make sure to stop by The Teaching Trio to read about everyone else's favorites!