Summer Stock Up

We are a few weeks into summer and I am sure like me, most of us can NOT just shut off that teacher brain! I am already plotting and planning about what I want to do/change for next year.

One activity I know I will be adding FOR SURE is this Making  Good Choices

The first day of school is such a crazy one! Some of my students are in a classroom setting for the very first time! Most kids know some basic rules but, may not really understand what are good or bad choices to make.

To help them understand I created this sorting activity.  To start off each child gets a picture

Once they are all passed out we discuss what each picture is showing us and the students decide if it shows a good or bad choice

You can also use this activity to help set your classroom rules. There are 24 picture cards to be sorted.

I also included some printables for the students to work on to make sure they understood the difference between good and bad.

This one they had to create their own T chart to show the differences
 This printable had 7 pictures on it and the students glued them to the correct side.

For my some of my higher kids I have them sort words. I like to have a few different options to use with my students.

To help keep those good/ bad choices on their minds we have a few other activities we use during the first week.
               Students  write how choices they should or should not make. They can also talk about how they can be a good friend.
 There are also Interactive notebook flaps where students can write about good/ bad choices. There are so many options with this packet!

After a few days our rules are in place and my students can see and tell me all about what are good or bad choices. 

Another tip is to pull this activity out after a long break just to review what your classroom expectations are. If you want to read more about that just click  {{HERE}}

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