Sight Word Fun!

Hi friends! Today I want to talk about a fun new way for students to practice those sight words.

As a K/1 teacher we all know how important sight word recognition can be. Working on those sight words is a big step on the path to learning how to read. The more exposure students have to these words,the easier it will be to help students get those words into long term memory.

Many learners think in pictures. I know for me a picture helps me remember something a lot more then reading it over and over again. So this week I was thinking up ways I could help my students practice and learn those sight words with pictures and created this new center!

Using the beginning sound of a picture students will then discover the secret sight word. Included in this pack are 90 sight words!

 To use this center I would laminate the activity cards for durability. Then you could also have students use the cards as a write and wipe station or they could use letter tiles, magnetic letters or any other letter manipulative you have in your classroom. 

Here is an example of what 2 activity cards look like

Using beginning sound and letter tiles they can uncover the hidden words. 

I will be using these in our literacy stations in a few weeks. You can see all 90 words that are included by clicking  {{HERE}}. I also put the pack on sale for the next 24 hours so, grab it quick for the discounted price!!

I would love to hear how you teach sight words in your classroom too! Leave a comment below with what you do to help build those kids into readers.

Updated Classroom Library!

Hey guys! One of the many many projects I wanted to tackle this summer was updating my classroom library bins. A few months ago I blogged about how I set my library up. You can read about that {{HERE}}.

The bins I used were ok. They were a few years old and they were starting to crack. I got them at Big Lots and they held up better than I expected them too. The teacher in me always needs to make my things cute( don't we all?!). Here is a pic of what they looked like.

 I added ribbon to brighten them up and found these tags on TPT years ago.

For years I have been seeing these bins that are from the website 

Steps Into Literacy. I have read so many great things about them and I really like the colors they offered. I ordered them last month and I am so excited to get them into my classroom!
     This is the side view of one bin. Looks like it will hold a good amount of books.
                                         They are so colorful!!
Of course with new bins I had to put some new labels on them. I like to group by books by themes. I took some pages from my set of labels

                        and printed them out 2 sheets per page. That way I was able to get 2 labels on one bin.

                        Here is a closer look at the labels on the bins.

Since all my books are packed away, I can't show pics of what they look like with books just yet. I promise to do that once I get back to school in a few weeks.

How do you set up your library? Do you have themes your follow or something else? I would love to hear all about yours!

Get to Know Me!

Happy Sunday friends!! 

So this morning as I am drinking my coffee and reading Facebook, I saw this post from  The Tattooed Teacher and fun!  So here ya are some things about me.

Most times I have the tv on so this is rare for me!! It is also Sunday am so no judging on the shower question ;)

Head on over to The Tattooed Teacher blog to find out more about some other bloggers!

All About This Kinder Teacher!

Hey Friends! I am excited to join the fun over at the Kinder Tribe today.

The K teachers are doing a linky to get to know one another!

This fall will be my 13th year teaching K! It doesn't feel that long that is for sure.  I have also taught 1st, 3rd and even did a few year in an admin role but, there is NO place like Kindergarten. I am so excited for this upcoming year.

A few year ago my feet started giving me some issues. Probably cause we are on our feet and floor all day long. I then discovered these shoes
                                                                  Sketchers Go Walk

They are seriously the most comfotable shoes I have ever worn! I wear them EVERY day and it feels like I am walking on a cloud. My feet have not hurt since then :)

                              This picture says it all..... I LOVE my coffee! Hot, cold, iced doesn't matter to me.  Don't laugh but some days I can't wait to get up and drink that first sip of coffee...yea I may have a slight problem.  ;)

Ask any teacher what their favorite supply is and many of them will answer Flair pens. They are the best thing EVER!

That picture just puts a smile on my face! I may have quite a few collections all over my classroom, in my bag and at home. You never know when you might need

A few year ago this book was part of our reading series. After I read it the first time it made me laugh so much! My students had so much fun reading it too. When I left that school, I found that book to add to my library and I read it every year! It is still a hit with the kids. :)

There are so many amazing K teacher bloggers out there! Simply Kinder and The Kindergarten Connection are among my favorites. They have SOO many amazing ideas! 

Simply Kinder

Make sure you head back to the Kinder Tribe blog to read about all about the favorites of other K teachers!

First Days of School Book

Hi friends! As I am sure most of you are already thinking ahead to those first few days back to school. Well, I have been prepping and planning here all week too. I love summer don't get me wrong but, I just feel SO much more relaxed when I can knock some things of that WAYYYY long list of " TO DO" now rather then later. Are you like that too??

Today I want to show you something I will be using the first day back with my students! Ever year on the first day I always have my kids draw a picture of themselves to commemorate the first day of school. I always saved them and would then give it back to them on the last day of school. I love to see their faces when they look back at where they started :)

This year I wanted to do more then just one picture so I came up with the idea of a flip book. Some teachers have commented on having this book ready to go for students so, when they walk in the door there is something for them to work on! Love that idea :)

                          Here is how to put this book together..

                           First print off the pages of the book

I am going to have my kids color and fill out the pages before we assemble it.

I am the world's WORST artist! That is NOT my strong point and I always make sure to let me kids know that. They get a kick out of seeing how bad interesting my art work can be! So don't look at my drawings..just get an idea of how your students could fill out the book. For higher grades you could have them write sentences or thoughts on these pages. For my students pictures are what we will focus on.

Once all pages are worked on assembling the book comes next.  Based on the boxes line up the papers from shortest to longest.

This is what the book looks like when all put together and lined up. I might trim the sides when I am working with my kids to create the book but, for now I left them on. Then staple all pages together at top and done!

I am also going to have the kids share them with each other during the week in small groups or let them read them during class.

I also wanted to show you another way you could print it. If your students are going to focus on more writing the drawing you could print off the pages on colored paper for more of a pop

This book is a freebie in my store right now! Click on the cover below to go grab it for your classroom:

If you like this flip book you might also like this book I have too:

That book is part of my All About Me pack! This set of printables has posters, 2 books and a cube activity. You can check it out by clicking on the cover below

Hope your first days of school and fun,exciting and not too overwhelming! I would love to hear your thoughts on the book if you end up using them in your classroom.

How to Print Mini Posters

Hi Friends!

Today I am bringing you my first ever tech tip!! Someone asked me about making posters mini sized and I thought what a GREAT idea! I knew how easy it was for me to just print them out but, then I got to thinking about when I was new to all this TPT stuff. I had no idea you could even do that! I am not the most techy person at all soooo, I thought why not show the steps and blog about it :)

          That up there is seriously how I felt when I figured this out! No joke.

I loved this idea because I know some of us do not have tons of wall space in our classroom. I am still debating whether to have these posters hang on the wall or use a ring binder to keep them together.  Now I have a PC so I am not 100% sure how this would work on a Mac. I am sure with this pictures I have coming if you are on a Mac you hopefully can figure it out :)

First step click print:


                                   Next: Click the multiple button

If you want half sheet posters then you would change it to 2 pages per sheet

I wanted mini posters so I picked 4 pages per sheet

                  Don't forget to select which pages you want to print!!

Then voila! You have got your self some mini posters!!

These posters are from my new Phonic Posters! There are over 100 posters that cover all sounds from vowels, blends, digraphs and other sounds. Click on the cover to check them out.

Hope this will help someone out there! Have you started making anything for next year?

Two for Tuesday!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great 4th of July. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook I am sure you saw some of our vacation pics. We drove up to Michigan and Chicago for 2 weeks for a family vacation. It was so much cooler up there and soooo relaxing! Here are just a few more pics ;)
                                      Beautiful Michigan Sunset
                                      Me and my AMAZING Dad

                                                          Strawberry Picking!!

So now that I am back I am working on my to do list. There are always so many things I want to get done. You too?

This week I am joining 
Chalk One Up for the Teacher

for her 2 for Tuesday!
                        I have put these 2 items on sale this week!
Click below to check them out

Those of you heading off to Vegas have the most amazing time!! I can't wait to hear all about it :)