Back to School Shopping at Target

I know, I know it is only July! If you have been on Facebook or Instagram lately your feeds have been flooded with all these pics of what people are buying. It is SOOOO hard to not to shop( or is that just me??) I saw this the other day and had a good laugh
SO true, right??!! Well being away on vacation for 2 weeks was good and bad. I think every Target in the USA but that BTS stuff in the dollar section way earlier than I ever remember! Well, after getting home I fell to the pressure and headed out to one of the Targets in the area. I was NOT surprised that it was wiped out :( 

I saw soo many cute sign with quotes posted on pictures but, could only find the one pictured here. I do like the pointers and I know my students will love them too. Still undecided what to do with those cute ABC stickers. Any ideas?

Being the type of person who does not give up I decided to visit another Target the next day. That one had more items but, nothing that grabbed my attention. Except for this!

OH MY! Just love this sign. It will be handing right behind my horseshoe table/ desk! I posted this pic on IG and seems lots of my followers got it too!! Way to go Target :)

Today my son had a dr appt about 45 min away from us. On the way home I may have come up with an excuse to stop at a totally different Target..I know sneaky! Hahaha

Well we get there and OH MY WORD they were RESTOCKING the area!!! I felt like I hit the jackpot :D  I spent a good 20 minutes looking for one specific First Day of school chalkboard but, no luck. I did find this though!

How cute is that?!?! I have so many ideas of how I can use it all year long :) Here are some other things I found
                                              Another sign I LOVE!
                                 SO happy I found that You Rule :D
                              Those notebook papers in the back are dry erase banners! Those will be at the top of my white board giving directions.

                            Could not resist those chalkboard clips! Who know where they                                            will end up but I love them!

A view of my haul. I didn't go overboard and I made a promise to myself that I will NOT hit the Dollar Tree, Big Lots or any other store for awhile( let's see if I can stick to that).

Did you do any Target shopping? I would love to hear what you got!

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  1. So jealous wish we had a Target over here! Everyone has been posting pictures of all their fab goodies they've purchased!

    Teaching Autism