First Days of School Book

Hi friends! As I am sure most of you are already thinking ahead to those first few days back to school. Well, I have been prepping and planning here all week too. I love summer don't get me wrong but, I just feel SO much more relaxed when I can knock some things of that WAYYYY long list of " TO DO" now rather then later. Are you like that too??

Today I want to show you something I will be using the first day back with my students! Ever year on the first day I always have my kids draw a picture of themselves to commemorate the first day of school. I always saved them and would then give it back to them on the last day of school. I love to see their faces when they look back at where they started :)

This year I wanted to do more then just one picture so I came up with the idea of a flip book. Some teachers have commented on having this book ready to go for students so, when they walk in the door there is something for them to work on! Love that idea :)

                          Here is how to put this book together..

                           First print off the pages of the book

I am going to have my kids color and fill out the pages before we assemble it.

I am the world's WORST artist! That is NOT my strong point and I always make sure to let me kids know that. They get a kick out of seeing how bad interesting my art work can be! So don't look at my drawings..just get an idea of how your students could fill out the book. For higher grades you could have them write sentences or thoughts on these pages. For my students pictures are what we will focus on.

Once all pages are worked on assembling the book comes next.  Based on the boxes line up the papers from shortest to longest.

This is what the book looks like when all put together and lined up. I might trim the sides when I am working with my kids to create the book but, for now I left them on. Then staple all pages together at top and done!

I am also going to have the kids share them with each other during the week in small groups or let them read them during class.

I also wanted to show you another way you could print it. If your students are going to focus on more writing the drawing you could print off the pages on colored paper for more of a pop

This book is a freebie in my store right now! Click on the cover below to go grab it for your classroom:

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That book is part of my All About Me pack! This set of printables has posters, 2 books and a cube activity. You can check it out by clicking on the cover below

Hope your first days of school and fun,exciting and not too overwhelming! I would love to hear your thoughts on the book if you end up using them in your classroom.

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